Why Doing SEO Is Not a Long Term Strategy (by “Darenet”)

October 17, 20111 Comment

The goal of SEO is to quickly gain a high ranking for your site on the search engine pages by finding that magic keyword that will rocket you to the top.  But, contrary to the guarantee by Get Rich Quick schemes that they will optimize your site in a few short steps, slow and steady is the real strategy that works.  Excellent content, organic link building, and a user friendly site are what will move you up in the ranks.

Expand Your Keyword Philosophy

Relying totally on quick SEO is proving more and more disastrous, as Google and the other SE’s improve their algorithms so that they can now spot pablum more quickly.  Instead, focus on your longtail keywords first, since you probably do not have enough content to rank for the most popular keywords in your field.  A cooking site, for example, would have a difficult time with the keyword “recipes”, but may have more success with “mideastern recipes”, or “peanut butter recipes”.

You should also continue to refine the process. Once you have built up and narrowed down your keywords to the more popular ones, consider what will happen to them in the future. Always continue your research, even after you are ranking well, so that you have new keywords in the offing in case algorithms change once again, or new competition pops up.

Build Content

Content is king, and the more relevant, quality content you have, the better you will rank with the engines your topic. Continue to create pages constantly.  If you get an idea for a page, write it, and worry about the keyword research later. Google places a lot of value on new content.  You can always revisit and add focused keywords at a later date.  Just remember that your page is in the index, being looked at by the SE’s. 

Beware of Aggressive Link Building

Another mistake new webmasters make is link building too quickly and aggressively.  Ironically, when Google sees what they consider unnatural link building practices, they actually penalize the site.  Instead, build relevant links slowly and organically, concentrating on true value for your site.

No, man does not live by SEO alone. Finding the perfect keywords in the first place is a arduous and tricky business, and even the most ideal supply and demand numbers does not guarantee results for you. You have to keep you bag of tricks fresh and new by expanding your idea of keywords, building content and managing links sensibly.

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