Throw The Office Party They Won’t Forget!

March 22, 20131 Comment

Everybody loves a good party and when you combine this with a work event, well, it is time to let your hair down big time! You have to remember not to tell the boss what you really think of him or her, but you can relax and perhaps chase after that office ‘hottie’ you always talk about. Imagine if the next office party was your chance to show them what a cool cat you really are, they’re actually asking you to organize the whole shebang! Don’t panic and have a read of this article, it may give you enough tips to pull off a memorable works night out!

Get The All Clear!

Before you start to make any concrete plans, you should check that the head honcho is cool with your idea. Even if they are not invited, it is polite to make them aware in advance.  Usually, the boss can party just as hard as any of the youngsters!

Get Some Ideas

No matter how cool you think that your ideas are, try and get some brainstorming going on in the office. You may be surprised to hear some really interesting and amusing ideas. If you involve everybody from the outset, they will feel part of the event and will make it a special night.

Plan In Advance

Don’t decide on a date within the next week or two as your colleagues are busy people and will need a little more notice than that. This is especially true when you consider single parents who need to book a babysitter. It may be impossible to get everyone’s go ahead but at least you can give them a chance.

Food Issues

The food is a big deal at any office party and you will want to ensure that everyone is catered for. In this multicultural and health conscious world we live in, many people will have some dietary specific requirements. Send out a blanket email and take note of the replies that you receive.


No matter how efficient you may be, it is wise to enlist some useful helpers for this party. Ask for volunteers and assign them tasks that suit their strengths. Asking the CEO to collect coats at the door may seem amusing but it may end up in disaster!


If the party is in honor of a colleague and a gift is involved, ensure that everyone has some input regarding the choice. This way, you can all take the credit for a brilliant choice, or share the blame for a poor one!

Be Realistic

No matter how much hard work and preparation you are willing to throw into this event, there are always things that may not go to plan. Just remember to enjoy the night and try and ignore any negative comments. There are some people who cannot help but stick their oar in. If you follow these tips and enjoy yourself, others are bound to feel the same way as you!

Andrew Birt is a web designer. His firm promotes free culture and they often throw a party at the end of a major project. Being a team leader he is at the forefront when it comes to organizing a party and relies on as they provide the best hospitality supplies in Melbourne.


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  1. As ever, timing is everything. There’s not much point throwing an office party just before or after you plan to announce some redundancies, but if your business or office has just achieved something successful and above normal expectations, then why not throw a party to celebrate it?

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