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When To Post On Facebook

February 10, 20130 Comments

When To Post On Facebook

The Best & Worst Days to Post on Facebook

A comprehensive report on when to post on Facebook (and how often) across a range of different businesses, was recently published by Buddy Media, based on an analysis of user engagement on more than 1,800 Facebook Pages from some of the world’s largest brands. You can download the report for free here: STRATEGIES FOR EFFECTIVE WALL POSTS: A TIMELINE ANALYSIS.

Here is a small sample of their findings regarding when to post on Facebook:

Marketers, businesses and brands mainly post to Facebook during the week, when in actuality, “the interaction rate for posts on the weekends is 14.5% higher compared to weekday posts.” It turns out though, that only 14% of posts by brands are actually published on Saturdays and Sundays.

In general, the best day for brands to post on Facebook is Sunday.

The worst? “While Monday and Tuesday receive decent interaction rates, brands should avoid Wednesdays when interaction is 7.4% below average.”

The Best & Worst Times to Post on Facebook

Most brands and businesses post to Facebook during the working day. The report shows that Facebook interaction takes on more of a night owl quality. “Brand posts published between 8 pm and 7 am, which are defined as ‘non-busy hours,’ receive 14% higher interaction than those that post between 8 am and 7 pm,” yet only 18% of posts are sent during “non-busy” hours. This is entirely logical. Most people will be too busy during their working day to visit Facebook, or simply not allowed to by their employers.

Posting Frequency

Do you think posting often is the key to gaining Facebook engagement? The report shows that you should not exceed more than 7 posts a week and 1-2 times a day.

“Brands that post one or two times per day see 19% higher interaction rates than those who post 3x per day. The key is not to bombard fans with too many posts, as Facebook News Feed Optimization often penalizes for this.”

Additionally, brands posting more than seven times a week on Facebook saw a 25% decrease in interaction rates.

Keep it Simple

You may be assuming that giving your Facebook followers a lot of context is appropriate, as more than 75% of brands write lengthy Facebook posts. But posts with 80 characters or less are receiving 23% higher interaction posts. It looks like results are much better when you keep it short and sweet!

As you’d expect, results vary from industry to industry. Here are some examples:

Advertising & Consulting – Best: Saturday & Sunday; Worst: Wednesday
Clothing & Fashion – Best: Thursday; Worst: Sunday
Entertainment – Best: Saturday & Sunday; Worst: Wednesday & Friday
Food & Beverage – Best: Saturday & Sunday; Worst: Monday & Thursday
Health & Beauty – Best: Saturday, Sunday & Monday; Worst: Tuesday
Nonprofits – Best: Sunday; Worst: Wednesday
Technology – Best: Monday; Worst: Friday
Travel & Leisure – Best: Sunday; Worst: Monday

In summary, if you’re pleased with the engagement on your Facebook Page then carry on with what you’re doing – “If It ain’t broke, don’t mend it!” – but if you’re not getting the response you hope for, this report is a reminder that simply increasing the volume of posts probably isn’t the answer.

For an even more in-depth analysis of the report, check out this article by Colleen Corkery in VerticalResppnse Marketing It certainly got me thinking, but why not ask or tell us about your own experiences of when to post on Facebook via our comments box below. It’s your chance to be heard!


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