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Are You A Spammer?

April 19, 20117 Comments

Are you a spammer? Give an honest answer to the following questions to find out:

1) Do you operate either one or multiple automated Twitter accounts set to relentlessly bombard your followers with batches of multiple messages carrying your affiliate links and then repeat the process over and over again?

2) Do you have an e-mail list of subscribers to whom you send nothing but more affiliate links and/or links to your business partners’ opt-in page, probably without even bothering to include the recipient’s name when you send your messages?

3) Do you have a Facebook account which again carries nothing but sales links with every posting, or worse actually sends them as messages to your friends’ accounts?

4) Do you send messages to other people’s Blogs which don’t even bother to discuss the content of their Blog posting but which carries a totally unrelated message with a link to a website or affiliate link of your own?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any one of the above questions, or worse, more than one or even all of them, then YOU are a spammer!

As this is the Easter Holiday season, here’s a light-hearted view of what you look like to those on the receiving end of your spam. Perhaps it might occur to you why you probably have a revolving door of followers becoming unfollowers, friends becoming ex-friends and list subscribers unsubscribing, usually without you achieving any sales:

VIDEO: Is This What You Want To Look Like?

Apologies to my friends who’ve already circulated this around Facebook earlier this year but I post it in the spirit of trying to get those doing this to realise the error of their ways. I’ve often wanted to ask those who do this whether they actually achieve anything worthwhile from it, but I’ve never bothered as I suspect it would only trigger another wave of automated messages. If anyone sees this and realises what an exercise in futility they are indulgng in, then I’ll be glad to have been of service.


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