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Social Networking For Scientists

August 17, 20130 Comments


What are the advantages of using the Internet and social media if you are a scientist or other scholar? While it may seem like the Internet is full of sites and information that can distract you from your work, it in fact can help you make the important connections you need to further your research. A recent study showed that email was the most popular service used on the Internet, followed by Google, Yahoo! and Scholar Google. In addition to allowing for easy communication with colleagues all over the world, the Internet makes it easier to crowd source, collect data, share resources and build relationships. How much value does social networking hold for scientists overall? Use this infographic to explore the changing landscape of media to see how you can benefit from participating in this type of networking. This will allow you to gather the news and information online that is essential to your everyday life.

Created by Labroots, the leading social networking website for scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals.


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