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Smart Ways To Help Your Business Bloom

March 25, 20130 Comments

If you are fortunate enough to be in charge of your own business, large or small, then you are probably aware of the importance of promoting what it is that you do. In this day and age there are many ways in which you can inform people who may not know about your products or services. Some are expensive and others are actually free, but which ones are the best for you? Here we take a look at some of the ways people are using various methods to promote their companies, please read on and see if any of them are of interest to you.

 Promote Your Business Using Every Opportunity

At the very least, you should already be using business cards for your business promotion, but what about the other possibilities? You need to start treating every piece of paper and every outgoing electronic document as a way to promote your company. Order some letter headed paper and pens and pencils for this purpose. Add some headers to your company emails and remind staff to install these on all of their email correspondence. As a simple checklist you should aim to have the following information on every item of physical and computerized stationary:

  • Company Logo
  • Contact information – Physical address and phone number
  • Website address and email address
  • Slogan if applicable

Use Articles To Promote Your Business


You can write these yourself or ask a member of staff who is good with words to do it on your behalf. They can be sent into magazines that deal in your services and products. Alternatively you can send the articles into a blogger that provides links to your website. You could also try and target some appropriate e-zines that would be more than happy to host your newsletter or article. By doing this you will be reaching out to thousands of potential customers who otherwise may not realize that your company even exists.

Press Releases


Using a similar tactic to articles, press releases are a way of telling potential and existing customers that you have something new on offer. You can tell them about the way in which your business has expanded or perhaps you are sponsoring a charity event. Have a look for websites that offer free hosting for likeminded individuals and businessmen.

Use The Internet For Business As Well As Pleasure


If you tend to spend a lot of your free time on the internet, why not capitalize on this habit and start to promote your company? Start to post information about your business on your social networking sites. Do not try for a hard sell but offer free information and don’t forget to add a small but visible link to your main website. If you play any online games, you can use the forum or chat room to remind people about your line of business. Don’t be shy as you may be surprised how many possible leads you are ignoring by being humble and discrete!

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