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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having QR Codes On Your Packaging items

June 23, 20130 Comments

Quick Response (QR) Codes: the two dimensional machine readable bar codes – are becoming ubiquitous these days in print media of all forms as the new tool for promotion. QR Codes have found their way into print advertisements in newspapers, magazines, flyers, product brochures and not the least of all, product packaging. The benefits of providing QR codes on packaging are quite compelling and here are just a few of the advantages of this mode of promotion.

1. Build a more exciting story around the product and the brand

Using QR Codes (with an attractive tag line or lead on) on packaging can be used to direct users to the product website to inform customers about the company, the product and the company’s other offerings. The company can also increase the loyalty index of its customers by inviting visitors to participate in product surveys, contests, sweepstakes, promotions or raffles.

2. Improve quality of customer service and connect with customers

Companies can use QR Codes to direct customers to their websites which offer more effective means of offering customer service. For example – A furniture company can use a QR Code to direct a customer to a DIY furniture assembly video, a burger company can use the QR Code that takes the customer to a website that offers comprehensive information of the nutritive value of the food item or a consumer goods company can use QR Code to encourage website driven warranty registrations. All of these are add-ons that create better connect with the customer through uncommon means.

3. Sell more

QR codes offer a wonderful window of opportunity to increase the share of the customer’s wallet. By appropriately designing the website that a QR code leads the customer to, companies can engage in a variety of things to increase revenue – sell more of its products and services, sign up for a paid subscription, purchase a product as a gift for a loved one, inform existing customers about other products in the company portfolio and so on.

4. Increase the social presence of the company

With our society becoming savvier with social media each passing day, QR codes are an effective way to increase awareness about a company’s products and services. Consumers can be directed to the company’s web page where they can be encouraged to do a number of things which will build the company’s social presence; solicit feedback about their product, refer the product and share their story with their friends and family, provide opportunity to personalize the website visited through texts and pictures etc. If backed by a strong, reliable brand each of these actions can work wonders for the product using the power of social media .


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