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Crucial Corporate Meeting Power Dressing Pointers

September 11, 20130 Comments

A person’s looks play a large part in forming the initial impression about them. Of course, everyone wants to put the best foot forward and make the best impression at the first glance and indeed your clothes say a lot about you and who you are! Each event and occasion requires different kind of dressing. Dressing for the next corporate meeting or for a job or an interview or a networking event, etc. is a source of immense anxiety for everyone at some point or the other in their career. It can be a nerve-racking experience deciding on what to wear and what not to wear on such occasions. When talking about work and business, it definitely pays to have prior knowledge about the company’s culture and dress code. Mentioned below are some tips that can help you get away with your anxiety and be a success at your next corporate meeting.

Dress code

Wear a suit in shades of black, gray or dark blue in either a solid color or with pinstripes. Both are acceptable for formal business wear but the shirt should be of a light color or crisp white when the suit is dark. The sleeves of the shirt and the blazer should reach the wrist. The shirtsleeves should not be rolled up as it can be viewed as informal. Use ties made of silk or a similar material with a color and print which provides an attractive contrast when viewed against the shirt and blazer. Avoid using loud patterns, images, designer logos and novelty prints for the ties. Make sure to choose socks that match the color of the pants or the shoes and they should be long enough to not expose your skin when you sit down.


The shoe should be formal shoes. Typically conservative, low-cut black leather shoes with laces and leather soles are always acceptable as they go easily with most styles. Shoes with plain toes or winged tips are the most commonly worn shoes for the corporate meetings. The shoes must be shiny, clean, well polished and always cleaned with a good shoe polish.


Wear a belt that complements the material and style of the shoes. Jewelry for men should be minimal and limited to one ring on each hand at the most and a formal style watch. A necklace is a no-no. Especially when wearing a necklace with a religious symbol it should be tucked away inside the shirt so as not to be visible. When wearing a writing instrument use a good quality fountain pen. The final touch would be the briefcase that should complement the overall look. Choose a smart case or portfolio in a dark color.


Grooming is plays a very essential part in the overall appearance. The clothing should be clean, pressed, wrinkle free, and without holes or frayed areas. The hairstyle should project a professional appearance and should be clean and neatly trimmed including the sideburns, the mustaches and the beards. Use a good quality cologne that is mild.

Always keep in mind to follow these basic standard dressing tips, no matter where in the world you are attending a corporate meeting and you will never regret it.

This article is written by Gisele Hawkins, a fashionista. She is also a freelance writer who shares fashion tips through her articles. She recommends skinny suits to men who have broad shoulders and athletic figure.


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