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Office Design – How To Really Make Your Office Space Reflect Your Brand

June 5, 20130 Comments

So, you have started a business, and you have found some space to use as an office. Whether your company has two or two hundred employees, you are going to want to make that office not only a comfortable place to work, but also somewhere that really sets the tone for what you want your company to be like. This means making your office space truly reflect your brand identity and values.

If you have a rented office space, you may not feel you are able to change and customise it too much, however there is still a lot you can put in place to give your office the right look and feel without having to change anything permanent that the landlords or building management may not allow. Even if your budget is very low, you can take some simple steps to really brand your office.

Colour Schemes and Accents

One of the most important parts of your brand image is going to be the colour palette you have chosen to work with. This isn’t just the one or two colours that appear in your logo, but the entire scheme you will have chosen to use on things like your website and stationery. If you haven’t got this far with your branding yet, and only have a basic colour scheme based around your logo or other key brand elements, then you should take a look online – there are plenty of tools that can suggest appropriate palettes based around colours that compliment or contrast with your key colours.

You may not be able to change things like the colours of carpeting and walls, and some things like your computer hardware are likely to be in neutral colours, but you should use your palette for everything else. Any art work you hang on the walls, any signs you have (not just signs on the exterior, but things like signs identifying meeting rooms), vases and other decorative objects and if possible, couches and other furniture (beyond generic office chairs at peoples’ work stations) should fit your brand’s palettes, and be used in the right proportions. This means if your key colour is bright blue, but you have bright orange as an accent colour, then you should have a lot of blue and a striking splash of orange here and there, rather than the other way around.

Match Your Company’s Mood

Whether you have a literal mission statement or just a concept in your head of how you want your company to be perceived, your office should match it. If you want your company to feel traditional and friendly, then you aren’t going to want ultra modern sculptures and loads of cold chrome everywhere. If your business is slick, hip and minimalist, you won’t want notice boards with stuff about bake sales and fun runs pinned up on them all over the place and collections of toys and memorabilia on your front desk.

Do you want that trendy, work hard play hard look? Put in a pool table, table football game or some other fun recreational stuff your team can use. Want your office to look traditional and classy? Think fresh cut flowers and luxurious name plates on doors and desks. Prefer people to think you are innovative and cool? Look for bold modern art and unusual furnishings.

By matching both the colouring and the objects you use to your concept, you can actually create a very powerful sense of brand without having to do too much!

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Jenny Wadlow, author of today’s guest post, works as a freelance blogger with Sassysigns which is a leading provider of house signs. Her hobbies include reading and swimming.


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