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5 Ways To Keep Your Online Business Safe When Running It From The Road

April 15, 20133 Comments

If you’re building an online business you have a lot to be excited about. Working from a laptop means you can work from the coffee shop down the street, or if you want somewhere a little quieter you can go down to the local library. If you really wanted to do something amazing you could jump on an airplane and fly anywhere in the world, because as long as you had an Internet connection you could continue to build your empire from anywhere.

Everything seems perfect, but there are still some things that could go wrong. If you’re running your business from a laptop the biggest thing you need to worry about is security. You need to keep everything nice and safe, because if something was to go wrong or your laptop was stolen it could mean big trouble for your business. I know you don’t want to end up in a bad situation, so we’re going to look at what you can do to protect your investment.

Chase it down

Can you imagine running down the street trying to find someone that has just grabbed your laptop and ran off? You’re probably going to be wearing flip-flops and the thief will be running down back alleys you didn’t even know existed. That is why installing tracking software on your laptop is so important. You can locate it using GPS and there is a much bigger chance of you getting it back, so you don’t need to go and spend money on a new one.

Keep it in your bag

The easiest way to keep your laptop safe is by keeping it hidden at all times. You have got to remember how expensive it is when you take into account people’s wages. In most countries people could get a lot of money for selling a stolen laptop and it might provide their family with food and shelter for a few months. That is no excuse for stealing, but just to be on the safe side you should keep it inside your bag instead of flashing it in everyone’s face.

A secure room

When you’re at home you might have a nice house in a secure neighborhood and someone would have a hard time breaking in. This won’t be the same in some countries you visit and your room could be targeted if people think it contains treasure. Your laptop is your treasure because it’s what you use to run your business, so the best thing you can do is make sure the room you rent is secure. That means staying away from bamboo beach huts and $2 guest houses.

Save everything twice

Is your laptop so unique that it will never break? You never know what will happen and if it won’t turn on you will find it hard to run your business. It’s not even the machine itself that is so important. There are always Internet cafes you can use if you get desperate and the library will have computers, but the problems start when you can’t access any of your important data. If you make copies of your work files you can use any computer you want. I’d save everything twice just to be on the safe side.

Be careful with passwords

Passwords are the keys to your empire. Everything important will be behind a locked door and if you leave the key hanging out of the lock you’re inviting someone to do a lot of damage. Do you have a password manager? If you don’t you need to install one now, because it means all your important passwords will be locked away and you will only need to remember one to access them all. It’s also going to make life easier on you by saving you lots of time.

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Sheldon Lewis is a tech geek. He likes to follow up on the latest developments in technology an also runs an online business. He uses webwatcher software for tracking all his business data and suggests fellow business owners to do the same.


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