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Is Talent Overrated?

August 27, 20133 Comments

Is Talent Overrated

Talent and intelligence are overrated.

For example, to become a successful ‘Laptop Entrepreneur’ you need to spend hours and hours studying marketing courses and books, learning about copywriting, outsourcing, online advertising, etc.

Unfortunately, most people want to believe that they can get something for nothing. They want to make money but with NO effort, and without adding any value to anyone.

In the real world, we know that successful athletes, top sports stars, musicians, rock n’ roll bands, doctors, etc. have spent at least 10,000 HOURS practicing and learning their craft. Just do some research on someone like Rafa Nadal, Jack Nicklaus or Sachin Tendulkar if you don’t believe it.

Don’t take my word for it, take that of senior CNN Money Editor, Geoff Colvin:

“The conventional wisdom about “natural” talent is a myth”, he says.

“The real path to great performance is a matter of choice.”

Read the full article here: Why talent is overrated

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