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Dress To Impress – Interview Outfit Secrets!

May 27, 20130 Comments

Once you have managed to secure that interview, you will need to check out your wardrobe for some killer gear to wear on the day. There are many aspects to consider when attending an interview and the way that you present yourself is one of the most important ones. No matter how awesome your resume may be, or how many Masters Degrees you had for breakfast, if you turn up looking like a dog’s dinner, you will not get a chance to even warm up the seat. If you are struggling to decide what to wear, check out this article for a few nifty suggestions.

Check Out The Co-Workers

It is a rather cool idea to present yourself as one of the team, even before you have been asked onto the playing field. If you have some time available, why not pop down to the company building and check out what the employees are wearing? At least you will get a feel for the type of company you may be working for. If they seem to be obsessed with smart suits and shiny shoes, then you need to adopt a similar dress code.

Don’t Overdo It Hombre!

If you are still undecided about the best route to take, you could do worse than choosing a smart pair of trousers and a plain shirt. Wear a tie and bring a jacket by all means, but you can easily remove these if you get the feeling you are overdressed for the interview. If you overdress slightly you can always remove a few items, but if you arrive underdressed, you are toast!

Okay Now Here’s The Science Bit!

Well, not really but assuming that you have decided on the best dress code to follow, you may want a few pointers on how to enhance these trendy threads. If you stick to these guidelines you will certainly enhance your chances of a return match:

  • Always iron your clothes before an interview. If you are hopeless with the hot metal thingy, ask your mum or girlfriend to give you a lesson. Turning up in crinkled clothes is a sure fire way to kick your chances into touch.
  • Choose clothes that fit you properly, those tight trousers may have the girls in accounts blushing, but your potential boss is not going to be impressed. Many a possible job has been binned just because someone forgot that they added two stone in the winter holidays.
  • Flashy Jewellery is bad news – Save the bling for those Friday nights at the club, try to appear as normal as possible, even if that is not very easy!
  • Aftershave and Perfume – Have a shower and use some deodorant by all means, just don’t risk your interviewer having a coughing fit after you enter the room.
  • Hair – Make sure your hair is nice and clean for the interview, get a nice haircut but leave the Mohawk for your retirement party!

Good Luck!

If you follow these tips you will look and feel great at your interview, and that is half the battle – Go get ‘em tiger!

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Chloe Sharpe, the author of today’s guest post, is a fun-loving person and she gives useful tips to help people improve their chances of getting employed at Job Seekers’ Allowance. You can get in touch with her on Twitter @ChloeJSA.


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