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I Want To Guest Post On A HUGE Site… How Do I Best Approach It?

October 28, 20130 Comments

I Want To Guest Post On A HUGE Site… How Do I Best Approach It?

Every blogger dreams of their site hitting the big time. Thousands of dedicated viewers a day, cross posts with some of the biggest names on the web, a place among the technorati…you know you have thought about the same thing. It is just what you hope for when you get started, and every move made on a site is an attempt at carving out even a little bit of success.

When you are a writer who guest blogs, your dream may be a little different. You aren’t so concerned with your own site hitting mega status. You just want the chance to get on the ones that already have. You want to right for the big guys, and you are slowly crawling your way up in hopes of doing it. All it takes it that one big break, and it can change your entire career.

But how do you realistically work toward such a goal? How do you approach the situation, and the sites themselves? Here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

HUGE Is Relative

There are blogs out there that aren’t really blogs any longer. They are dedicated media sources, similar to any newspaper or magazine. For example, Wired is not a traditional blog that you can easily come to work for. The path there is closer to that of an actual journalist. However, there are many sites that are large with a good, regular readership that can give you some amazing opportunities. Aim for those, first. Then see about moving further up the chain.

You Need Visibility

If you are not a writer that has a real online presence, your chances of making it onto these bigger sites is minimal, at best. You need to build a reputation, and make sure you are well known in your industry. Establish yourself as an expert by taking every guest posting blog that will gain any kind of traffic. It looks good for your portfolio.

You Need A Reputation On The Sites

The first time I applied as a guest blogger for a large site, I had been there posting as a popular commenter for almost a year. I had become well known for my input and advice, and had been awarded the Top Commenter position many times. So when I went to apply, I was already known by the writers and editors alike. This is, I think, what put me ahead of other applicants and got me the spot.

Don’t Give Up!

This process can be a little frustrating and daunting, and you might feel like throwing in the towel after a few rejections. But don’t give up. Every writer, no matter what the medium, is going to face more no’s than yeses, it is just a part of the journey. Keep trying, and you will get there.

Do you have any tips for getting on with the big sites as a guest blogger? Let us know in the comments.

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