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How To Install WordPress

May 9, 20117 Comments

Let’s run through the basics of how to install WordPress. It’s widely agreed that WordPress.org is the best and most superior blogging option and the beauty is anyone can understand how to use it provided the basics of how to install WordPress are grasped.

Choosing WordPress.org means that you will have control of what is allowed to go in your blog, including which, if any, advertisements you wish to carry. You can also control how you wish to monetise your blog without looking over your shoulder constantly to ensure that you’re abiding by restrictions imposed by hosted servers such as Blogger and WordPress.com.

Before you are able to install WordPress you will need to buy a domain name and choose a hosting account. Your choice of domain name is an important subject in it’s own right but assuming you have one it can be used as your WordPress.org URL (your “Uniform Resource Locator” or website address). I will come back to how to choose a domain name in a forthcoming posting.

The next step is to choose a host for your account. Things to consider there include how many domains will you be allowed to have, how much disk space will you be given and how much bandwidth is allowed. Again, these are important issues but ones for another posting. As far as how to install WordPress is concerned, you will want a host which allows for the installation of WordPress.org. You will need a hosting account that runs via a control panel called CPanel. To install WordPress successfully you will need to check for an icon in CPanel called Fantastico or a WordPress icon. To save you the trouble of looking for such a web host, I’m going to mention Hostgator (their address is http://hostgator.com). All you need to do is click on the icon, enter the download details given by WordPress.org, ideally for a domain that is currently empty (otherwise it gets more complicated) and the whole process is then done for you automatically.

The above process is NOT to be confused with installing WordPress directly to your own computer or laptop. That is much more complicated and is unnecessary unless you a specialist web designer. If you go ahead with downloading to your own computer there will be endless folders to unzip and install. Why do that when a web account like Hostgator will do that for you in a fraction of the time?

Once installed, you will then have access to your WordPress.org dashboard. You will need to decide which theme to choose. Leading free themes include Evolve, Carrington and Twenty Ten. Browse through them to decide which one will suit you best. You can also invest in more sophisticated, paid themes if you so wish.

After choosing your theme you will want to choose which widgets you wish to use. Again browse through and select the ones that will be the best use for you. I won’t go much further for now though as I don’t want to become too technical. All I want to do for now is cover the basics of how to install WordPress. In summary, this is:

1) Select And/Or Buy A Domain Name;
2) Select A Host For Your WordPress.org account and ensure that the host has a CPanel with the Fantastico icon (or in cases a WordPress icon);
3) Download The Installation script from WordPress.org direct to your hosting account (and not to your own computer or laptop);
4) Access your WordPress.org dashboard and start selecting your theme and plugins.
5) You are then ready to start constructing and publishing your first blog postings.

It really is that simple!


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