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Google Business Page – Have You Moved There Yet?

March 20, 20120 Comments

Does your business have a Google Business Page? If you’re a business which has invested time and money by the bucket load investing in a Facebook business page or operate a business which promotes other businesses on Facebook there’s a chance you might be a bit underwhelmed by the recent changes to Facebook business pages such as the imposition of the Facebook timeline on all pages and the ending of the option of choosing a “Welcome Page”, complete with SSL certification plus offers encouraging new visitors to like the page and join an e-mail list for that business, as it’s landing page.

There’s no mileage in complaining about these changes. Facebook obviously owns Facebook so if you want to be active there you have to sign up and comply with their terms and conditions and dance to whichever tune they wish to play and make the best of it. There is massive mileage however in looking for alternatives and one of the best of them must be a Google Business Page.

You might not be too interested in my views on this but you probably ought to be extremely interested in those of Guy Kawasaki. At the last count he had approaching 85,000 subscribers on Facebook as well as over 63,000 likes on his “Fan” page there, 1.52 million account holders have added him on Google Plus and over 721,000 follow him on Twitter, so when it comes to the major players in Social Media he’s right there at the top. He was recently interviewed in the leading online Social Media publication Social Media Examiner by it’s founder Michael Stelzner about his new book about Google+ What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us. If you’re wavering about the value of a Google Business Page you should take note of what he says. I enclose a few excerpts from the interview as they are well worth digesting:

You have likely heard the buzz about Google+ for some time.

Perhaps you’re wondering why so many marketing professionals are focusing heavily on the new social network.

In this article, I sit down with Guy Kawasaki, the original Macintosh evangelist. You’ll discover why 99% of his efforts are now focused on Google+.

Guy reveals his Google+ strategy and talks about his new book, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us. And it’s very different than his other books. It reveals extensive details about how to benefit from Google+.

Mike: Guy, why should businesses consider Google+? What are the major advantages?

Guy: Businesses should jump on Google+ because it’s the Wild West, so you can stake your claim, as opposed to breaking through the noise on Twitter and Facebook.

Also, Google owns the river called search traffic. It can point this river any way that it wants.

When Google introduced the concept of “social search,” it turned SEO upside down. Now when people search on Google, they see the actions of their friends on Google+. That’s huge.

It means 1) you want people to circle you so that when they search, they see your posts and 2) you should post about what you want your followers to know you for.

If I were running a business, I would be thinking, “Why wait until I have to buy real estate in Manhattan? I should get in now and grab all of the followers I can before Google+ hits the mainstream.”

Mike: You have been a huge proponent of Twitter for some time, and later Facebook. Where does Google+ fit in for you with the other social networks and why?

Guy: I fell in love with Google+ because of the ability to edit posts, the more elegant user interface and the quality of comments.

Today, 99% of my social media effort is on Google+.

This is just an outline of Guy’s views and predictions of the future for Google+. Whether 99 per cent is an exact figure or not, it can’t help but be noticed that although it is the newest of the Social Media networks, Google+ is where the highest number of his followers are. You can bet that he would have weighed up everything before opting to focus the majority of his efforts on Google+. He certainly won’t be doing it just for fun or for the hell of it. If you’re intrigued, read the rest of the article in Social Media Examiner itself.

For even more guidance on how to make the best use of Google+, plus whether you should operate a personal account on Google Plus and/or operate a Google Business Page download the Kindle version of the book itself, What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us for less than $3 from Amazon.

If you’ve got any questions about using a Google Business Page or an opinion to express, we’d love to see it in the Comments box below.


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