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E-Mail Organization – Organising Your E-Mails

November 13, 20110 Comments

Have you mastered the essential skill of organising your e-mails?

If you are like me, I suspect that every day you get hammered by 100’s of emails from other Internet Marketers. You probably dismiss most of those emails as junk, but do you realise that some of them will be really helpful? Perhaps you do but you feel overwhelmed by how can you make effective use of them? Indeed, regardless of their value, how can you stay organized and know exactly how or what action to take?

It doesn’t matter if the person is someone you like or not, you can learn just as much from bad marketing as you can from good marketing. You can often see what’s wrong as soon as you open their e-mails, eg the one’s who can’t even be bothered to address you by name or the one’s which always try to sell a different affiliate product.

If for some reason you can’t stand getting someone’s emails and it ruins your day, then unsubscribe from them and move on!

What I’d recommend however, is that you take an hour or so to go through the past week of emails. Create folders for the Internet Marketers that interest you (good and bad) and start indexing all of their emails everyday inside their folder.

It’s important to note that you want to keep track of the bad marketers too – not just the ones you like.

“Patrick, how do I know who is a bad marketer?”

If you’re brand spanking new to Internet Marketing you might not know, but that’s OK. Whoever annoys you the most in their emails is usually doing something wrong and is not a good marketer. Therefore they probably can’t help you at this time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future which is why it’s still worth saving their emails.

So why do we do this?

The secret is not to watch what they are marketing to you, but HOW they market to you.

That one sentence is one to remember. It could be one that changes everything.

Studying the way other Internet Marketers market to you will open up another world to you. That transparency will set you free and save you years off your learning curve.

In order for you to grow your business more rapidly, you need to be studying Internet Marketing as an art. This means studying what the other top Internet Marketers are doing. Why re-invent the wheel? All you need to know about making money is already right there, being marketed to you!

There is so much information to consume that is readily available. Most of that information you will find through your
emails. I mean let’s be honest here.. I can almost bet you most of the stuff you have learned has been through another marketer recommending you to check out a piece of information via an email?

Sure you can Google your life away but doesn’t that suck? Isn’t it time consuming….so most of you will rely on the call to action that is made inside your inbox. The information you’ve subscribed to.

This is why you must be organized with your email inbox by indexing the good from the bad.

This might seem pretty elementary but most people don’t even do this, so they stay stuck in the mud, spinning their wheels.

Do likewise with webinars. Some do get taken down quickly, but others are not. Assemble them by their author or subject and you will soon have a library of valuable training material to refer to and act upon, often almost as good as the course that the webinar host is seeking to market to you for a hefty fee! If you simply leave them in your inbox, they will quickly get lost and be forgotten and wasted.

If you’re still sceptical, you’ll also find that by trying this exercise, it will get you more focused and organized, allowing you to take the precise action that can make a difference.

I therefore urge you to get in the mindset of studying marketing campaigns. Precise action will allow you to consume more information, index good from bad and then grow from each. The end result will then be that you’ll make more money, and faster!


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