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The Key To Great Marketing Of Cosmetics Is About 99% Packaging!

September 19, 20130 Comments

If you are in the business of making and selling cosmetics, then you don’t need us to tell you how essential your packaging is. Trends are always changing, and you have to be right up to the minute on what customers are looking for. With a million and one products on the market, how do you manage to catch your customers’ eyes, and convince them that your product is the one that they need? Careful thought needs to go into your packaging, as people tend to buy with their eyes.

Perfumes and Aftershaves

Some perfumes and aftershaves are an extension of a whole brand, which means that the packaging has got to be consistent with the other products on the market. This restricts you when it comes to logo, colour scheme and design, but you can still stand out from the crowd by making the box a different shape, or give it stand-out features. If your fragrance is a one-off product and you are not tied to using a brand, then you will need to speak to a graphic designer and between you, come up with a striking design before discussing what sort of packaging would best suit it.


Possibly the most difficult thing to package is makeup, because there are so many different varieties. Items such as mascara, nail varnish and lipstick all have special needs for their packaging. However, you can still be creative within this remit – think about bold colours and stand-out design. Above all, makeup has to be packaged so that it stays where it should – there’s no point having amazing packaging if the product is just going to explode over somebody’s bag. Make sure the clasps close properly and that any loose parts are properly contained. Quality is everything here – so be prepared to pay for the best.

Skin Care Products

Bottles of cleanser and toner need to look beautiful and also be functional. Moisturiser comes in many formats but usually tubs, bottles or sprays. You need to think carefully about the unique aspects of the product you are selling in order to get the packaging absolutely spot on. Research the different types of bottles there are on the market – you’ll find plenty of choice. It’s always good to go for recyclable materials if you can.

Face Wipes

Face wipes are big business now and they need to come in a packet which ensures they are easy to get out one by one. Functionality is key here – make sure there is a proper lid on top rather than a cellophane sealer – this will just dry the wipes out as soon as they are open.

The cosmetics business is a fickle one, and customers will switch from brand to brand very easily. They are looking for a great product, but they will also be seduced by beautiful packaging that looks great on their dressing table or in their bathroom. If you have a great product, then you owe it a great packet too so that you gain the sales figures you are looking for.

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Today’s guest post is written by Larry Jagers; who is a workaholic. He works at SoOPAK, a packaging manufacturing facility. In his free time, he enjoys reading and watching movies. Visit http://www.soopak.com/ for the latest ideas and information on packaging.


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