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Steps To Take If Your Business Is Being Sued

September 11, 20130 Comments

If you run a business, you already have a lot to think about, but if a letter arrives in the mail stating that you’re being sued for any reason whatsoever, it can throw your entire routine off and make you feel like your world has spun out of control.

First off, you need to remain as calm as possible and reassure yourself that everything will be fine. Then, read through the following steps to find out what you need to take care of if your business is ever in a vulnerable situation because someone is trying to sue you. By knowing what steps to take, you can make sure that the case is dismissed and that you can prove your innocence.

Find a Business Attorney

The very first thing that you should do is look for a business attorney you can trust who will handle the case well because he or she has extensive experience in the world of business law. If you don’t know a lawyer you can call upon right away, you can ask for referrals from people you trust, or you can perform a simple search on the Internet for business attorneys in your area. Once you have a list of potential lawyers you wish to speak with, interview them, get a feel for their knowledge and expertise, as well as their willingness to help you with your case, and choose the person that you think will work best for you.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you’ve contacted your lawyer, you need to let your business insurance provider know what’s going on. It may even be a great idea to tell your lawyer to get in touch with your insurance provider so that they can work together on building a strong case for you.

Countersue If You’re Not At Fault

If your lawyer agrees that you have a strong case and you have a good chance of proving your innocence, you can countersue for something like defamation or slander if the party that’s suing you is doing so on false grounds. Again, your lawyer will know what to do best, so follow his or her advice, and if you do decide to countersue, prepare for a lengthy process.

Settle Outside of Court If You’re At Fault

If you’re actually at fault and you don’t have a high chance of winning the case in court, according to your attorney, it may be a better idea to try your best to settle the case outside of court. This will also help keep your business’s name intact in the public eye.

Go to Trial If Necessary

If it’s necessary to go to trial, work closely with your lawyer to prepare all of the documents needed to develop a strong case, whether you decide to countersue or not. Again, be prepared for a long, hard road ahead.

When your business is sued, you may feel like you’re losing all the control that you once had over your company. But, as the owner, you need to keep a level head and remain as calm and professional as possible.

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