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6 Simple Tips For Making Any Business Card Standout

April 3, 20130 Comments

When someone gives you their business card they do it with a sense of pride. You can see that it means a lot to them. It makes them feel important. There’s even people walking around handing out cards that have no reason to. It just goes to show how much respect people have for a simple bit of paper with a few details on it. Even though people are really attached to them they end up getting it all wrong. Business cards are great for networking and drumming up some business, but the cards have to look great.
Some people don’t get this and their cards end up looking shocking. If they gave one to you it would probably go straight in the trash. Luckily it’s not hard to get them right if you remember some simple steps. Once you get your cards right then you can quite rightly feel proud when you hand them out, but not before. Let’s take a look at some of those steps in more detail before you print your next card.
Keep it simple

When someone puts out their hand and takes your business card they want it to be simple. When they need to contact you they want to know how. When they want to be reminded what your business is your card should tell them. If you have any other information it should be obvious. The aim of the game isn’t to make it hard for someone. Nobody wants to waste time on your business card. Keep it simple and you’ll do good.
Include important info
Don’t forget to add important information that should be there. There’s no point having hundreds of cards printed if they don’t serve a purpose. If your customers are going to be online you want to give them your email address and URL. They won’t want your phone number. If you want someone to join your Facebook group you should have it on there instead of them trying to find you. Make sure every important piece of information is there.
Choose paper wisely
You can obviously have your card printed on different types of paper. The more expensive paper is obviously much nicer. If you’re a professional you should be choosing the nicer stuff. Only choose the basic paper if you don’t plan on making a good impression. Sometimes you won’t need to make a good impression, so don’t worry. As long as people have your contact details that might be all they need.

Use an image

They do say a picture paints a thousand words. This could be the case for your business card. If you’re a painter then having a picture of a paintbrush will leave no confusion. They won’t have to look through all their cards because the one with the big paintbrush will stick out. Sometimes an image doesn’t convey professionalism, so be careful. I guess it just depends what your job is.
Steal ideas
You should go around and collect some cards from your competitors. This will allow you to see what they are doing to get customers. You can then take their great ideas and change the bad ones. It also lets you know what the general industry standard is, because you don’t want your card to be completely different to every other one in your industry. This might work out, but more often than not you’ll be left looking like a fool.
Use your logo

People want their logo to be recognized. It’s why most companies print it on everything and happily pay for the pleasure to do so. When someone has your card and it doesn’t have a logo they won’t have any way of remembering you. You’ll just be that card lying in the drawer that is just words. They think they might know you, but they can’t be sure. Just stick your logo on it.

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The writer of this article is Jacob Shelby.


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