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Business Cards To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd!

June 11, 20130 Comments

When choosing your business card, what do you want to achieve? That’s right, you want to be noticed and remembered! So for goodness sake don’t get cheap business cards made up – you are really missing a trick to impress. Handing out a bad quality business card does you more harm than good – you’ll be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Splash out a little and invest in business cards that say you mean business, and you can be sure that you’ll get more work as a result. Whatever line of work you are in you need an individual business card that shouts ‘quality’. Here are some options that you might not have thought about:


The more colour on your business card, the more it will cost to print, but there’s no doubt it will be more eye catching as a result. However if you are really on a budget then, used in the right way, black and white can be very effective too. Consult with your graphic design artist and see what they suggest – you need an expert on the case.

Embossed Foil

Business cards which are embossed or stamped with foil print are classy and effective. It’s very easy to achieve – most printing companies are able to do this for you. Foil catches the eye and twinkles in the daylight, so there’s much more chance of you being remembered! Choose silver or gold metallic embossing for a real touch of pure quality – people will know you have gone to a lot of effort to make sure your business card stands out from the crowd. Embossed foil also gives a 3D effect to the card so it’ll be hard to miss!

Different Materials

Why go for plain old card? You can get business cards that are made out of metal such as aluminium, linen, and plastic cards (that won’t be destroyed if they go through the wash in someone’s pocket!). You can still print on these materials so none of the information will be any harder to get across. Think outside the box when you’re designing your business card – anything is possible as long as you have the budget to afford it!

Top Tips

When having your business cards designed, make sure you opt for Pantone colours (which are the industry standard) to make sure that colours are consistent throughout your entire stationery collection. This also means that if you decide to change to a different print house the colours will remain the same. Always make sure your business card proof is thoroughly checked for mistakes before going to print – imagine what a disaster it would be if even one digit was wrong on your phone number for example? Always ask a few friends and colleagues to check it too so that you are certain you haven’t missed anything.

Having business cards made is an important business decision and has a huge effect on how you come across to other people. Don’t get it wrong – it’s the best chance you have to get new business!

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