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Building Your Email List With Facebook Offers

February 28, 20140 Comments

How To Build Your Email List With Facebook Offers

Building your email list with Facebook Offers is a key element for any serious marketer with a Facebook Page. The reasons speak for themselves; you have control of your email list and have full control over who to post to and when to do so. If you want your Facebook “fans” to see your posts then you have to keep paying Facebook for that privilege as a quick check of your Facebook Page stats will show that most unpaid posts will only reach a minuscule number of followers, no matter how engaging and informative those posts are. In addition, you are also dependent on all the vagaries of future policy changes by Facebook.

Not making the conversion of Facebook fans to email subscribers the top priority for your Facebook Page therefore leaves you naked. It also fails to put to the test how much those fans are committed to your products and services. Many of them will be little more than transcient followers with a casual interest in your Page. That’s not intended as a criticism of them, it’s just the reality.

People liking a Facebook page are often doing no more than that. Hardly any interaction takes place after that “Like” icon has been clicked. They’ve just done it as they assume your Page posts will automatically pop up on their news feed and don’t realise only a very small proportion of those posts actually show up there. They might like to be associated with your brand or share an interest in your pursuit but they have very little interest in engaging with you. As Facebook is a multi-platform brand, users are spending their time there doing a variety of things. Looking at your business page regularly will usually be well down their list of reasons for being on Facebook.

Marketers therefore face three critical marketing challenges on Facebook:

1) Converting Facebook fans into sales leads;
2) Getting more of those fans seeing posts in their newsfeed;
3) Spreading the net by getting more followers to keep the process expanding.

The most effective way of doing this is creating an offer and an article which recently came to my attention on this is “How to Build Your Email List with Facebook Offers” by Denise Wakeman, an online marketing strategist and founder of The Blog Squad

She created create an offer (which is considered an ad) on Facebook without having to pay for it. Here’s her video on how she did this:

She reports the following results for her offer:

The offer has been shared 12 times
101 people have claimed the offer
4 comments on the offer

13,848 saw the post in the newsfeed
51 people actually opted in to get the free tips in the first 5 days the offer was live
50% conversion from offer claims to eCourse optins
32 new Likes on my Page

While these numbers may not be earth shattering, they do bear mention because my experiment has introduced 51 new people into my world. Over time, some of these new people may become customers…….

The full article with all the technical details appears here: http://denisewakeman.com/marketing-with-facebook/build-email-list-facebook-offers

If you want to ask any questions on the subject of building your email list with Facebook offers or want to share your observations and experiences of doing so, then feel free to make use of the Comments Box below. We’re always pleased to publish comments provided they are relevant to the subject in question.


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