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Brand Visibility: Building Your Brand

April 12, 20130 Comments

Brand Visibility: Building Your Brand

Building your brand is one of the core components in the successful establishment of any business. Without brand visibiliy a business will always struggle to show what sets it apart from it’s competitors. Without a reason for choosing you above someone else, potential clients will come and go without engaging with you and your business will be left on that slippery slope of only being able to compete on price, or worse still, you will only confuse people and they will quickly move on elsewhere.

It’s quite normal to not always get this right first time, in fact even some of the most successful brands have struggled for years before finding a successful identity. This great article by Susan Newman titled “Brand Visibility: Build Your Galactic Brand Like Batman” published on the Udemy Blog has some outstanding guidance on the most authentic ways to gain brand visibility, building your brand can then happen naturally. She uses a great example:

When someone opens Google and searches for you or your company name, what comes up? If they search for your type of business or industry, or by a keyword or phrase, does YOUR company come up?

Brand visibility is not just being the answer to your name, but being the answer for what you do, and maintaining that first-page spot consistently.

How is this accomplished and how do we attract our exact targeted audience so that we’re gaining new clients as well as extending our global and local reach?

It begins with understanding your company’s mission and goals.

Once you have discovered these key components, and once you have zeroed in on who your exact target audience is, you’ll be ready to write your content-rich, SEO-friendly website pages, blog posts and most especially add in the long-tail keywords that will draw the targeted audience to you.

The point is not to go out there looking for clients, selling all the time, pointing at yourself or answering every ad you see, but building your online presence in such a way that you are expanding your reach, and having people want to connect with you, share what you’re doing as advocates, and buy from you!

Be sure your online and offline selves are sending the same signs to others so their experience is the same no matter the place or format.

What does the public perceive about you, your products and services, and is it consistent everywhere? Is the experience of using your products and/or services in line with scanning pages of your website, flipping through your brochure or catalog, or visiting your store? If they met you, or your employees, at a function would they find your mindset to be in line with your company? Is your visual footprint the same across the web, on social media, in advertising and marketing, and in commercials on TV, past or present?

When we talk about brand visibility we must realize it means “all encompassing.” So, if you are a small business owner and entrepreneur, you must act, speak, dress, and fully represent your brand. You are your brand’s ambassador. When someone meets you in person when they previously only knew you by your avatar, are you the way they imagined?

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The target with building your brand is to gain the correct brand visibility for it to have the foundations for potential future market domination. These are the first important steps to setting your business apart from its competition. Getting these correct will accelerate that task.


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