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How To Get Out Of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business

April 20, 20140 Comments

How To Get Out Of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes an aspiring entrepreneur can make is to stay in a startup mentality for far too long. It’s imperative to identify how to get out of startup mode and grow your business, otherwise you are killing the opportunity to achieve real growth and progress.

A great article on this very subject by Grant Cardone, an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone was recently published in Entrepreneur Magazine Here is a summary of his key tips:

1. Delegate. When you’re in startup phase, you are handling everything. To become a going concern you have to start investing in people to do tasks you can no longer do.

2. Pick your battles. Don’t get wrapped up for a week deciding on a logo when it ultimately doesn’t matter. Your brand will evolve as your business evolves.

3. Get attention. The single biggest problem every startup has is becoming known. Your most important task is to get attention for you and your company. It’s the gateway to every dollar you raise.

4. Change your pitch. Instead of saying “I own a small web design company,” say “I own a web design company like none other that guarantees your company increased sales.”

5. Create urgency. If you start a business venture without setting specific timelines for action and achievements, you will be stuck forever with excuses.

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Grant Cardone has successfully founded three thriving companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group so he can certainly speaks with “hands-on” on the subject of how to get out of startup mode and grow your own business.

If you’ve struggled to get your business out of startup mode, I hope each of these easily implemented tips proves useful. Do use the comments box if you have any questions, observations or relevant insights of your own to make. It’s always great to hear from our readers.


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