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6 Ways To Set Up Your Home Office In Style

April 19, 20130 Comments

When you walk into someone’s home these days it wouldn’t be unusual to find a home office in one of the spare rooms. There are so many people working from the comfort of their own home and that number is rising every year. With so many doing the same thing it means lots of people can share hints and tips about how to set up a home office in style. If you work from home or you’re thinking about doing it soon you might find some of these tricks useful.

Energy from your walls

When you work from home you get to decide what color you want the walls to be. If you’re in a normal office your boss might decide he wants the walls to be a neutral color like white, but you should opt for something different. Did you know that different colors can change the way you think? Blue is great at boosting your creativity and when you’re trying to run a business you always want to be in a creative mindset. Maybe it’s time to get the paint out.

Wheel yourself around

You don’t want to waste time when you need to grab something from the other side of the room. That is what happens when you have a chair that is stuck in one position. When your legs are tucked under your desk you need to push yourself out and turn around to get up. You then need to do the exact opposite when you sit down again. If you had a chair with wheels you could move around much more easily and it would save you precious time.

Take advantage of the view

Do you really want to stare at a wall all day? Even if you have nice artwork hanging from the wall you’re going to get bored looking at the same thing all day. Nature is different because there is always a new bird flying around and the clouds never stay the same. If you position your desk so that you can look out of the window you will enjoy work a lot more. The soothing sight of nature can stop you from getting stressed when the workload keeps piling up.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves

Unless you live in a mansion it’s unlikely you will have a lot of floor space and you want to keep everything as organized as possible. An easy way you can do that is by fitting floor-to-ceiling shelves and it will leave you with plenty of room to keep everything. The last thing you need is to spend hours looking for a random document because you don’t know where it is. Just take everything you won’t need for a while and put them on the top shelves.

No more cables

When you buy a lot of equipment these days you can pay a little more and get a wireless model. It will make life easier on you because you won’t have a lot of cables running all over the floor. Not only will you not have to untangle the cables every few months, but the room will look a lot neater. If there are some things that can’t be used wirelessly you need to make sure they are as close to a plug socket as possible.

A creativity wall

If you have any walls left you should think about hanging a big whiteboard from it because you will find it very useful. Whenever you have an idea you can turn around and write it on the wall. It’s also perfect for drawing pictures or creating massive mind-maps. If you don’t have any room in your office to be creative you will have to use a notebook instead and it’s just not the same.

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Ruth Kenny is a leading supplier of business furniture. While the idea of a home office might not be feasible for some, he believes that it is a great way to work and increase productivity. He likes to share his opinions on different issues and also writes articles on numerous blogs.


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