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If you love the outdoors, have a penchant for horses and would love to be involved in a new business venture, why not considering combining all three? Horse breeding can be a very lucrative and interesting way to make a living. You should be absolutely sure that this is the route you wish to follow and there are some important questions for you to consider. This article takes a look at those details and offers a few tips along the way.

Are You Serious?

Any type of farming is going to be extremely physical and emotional in comparison to a normal 9-5 style job. It will mean a total change of lifestyle, because you cannot just approach farming casually. You need to live and breathe the whole experience, because half measures and farming are not good bedfellows. Then there is the horse aspect.  You need to really love working with these special animals, and that can be extremely demanding at times. Horses are beautiful creatures, but they can also be stubborn and downright dangerous if they sense you are not really sure of your own abilities. You may have owned a pony or two, but this is a whole new kettle of fish.

Good Points

If you truly love horses, then you will could one of the lucky people that have a job that they truly enjoy. You can also bring any knowledge that you have already acquired, to the business table. You will be spending a lot of time with beautiful animals you clearly have a lot of affection for. This will be beneficial for your soul as well as your financial issues. The money side of the horse farming business doesn’t hurt either. Horse are a valuable commodity and you are entering a business that caters for very wealthy people including various heads of state and royal families. If you decide to start a stud farm, you can expect a very nice profit and you will also be able to keep your favourite horses into the bargain.

Bad Points

As mentioned previously, this is not an easy job by any means. If you harbour any romantic notions of swanning about on your favourite steed whilst raking in the cash, then it is time for a reality check! There is a lot of hard work in store for you plus a few disappointments as well. If you are the sort that becomes emotionally attached to your animals, prepare to have your heart broken many times. You need to remember that this is a business, first and foremost. You will need to invest a lot of money into setting up the business, stables, land and the horses themselves. Even if you have a great business plan and the most stunning livestock, nothing is guaranteed in this business. You will be faced with the huge responsibility that is attached to having a large number of animals under your care. The veterinary costs will be considerable and the cost of decent horse feed may well surprise you.

Last Point

Sorry if the last paragraph paints a bleak picture, you just need to be clear about the huge step you are just about to take. On the plus side, the horse farming business can be hugely rewarding both financially and spiritually. Just be sure that you have the right stuff before progressing any further!

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