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Pinterest has been the hottest Social Media phenomena of 2012 and Pinterest Marketing for those who master it, is definitely a very hot online traffic source. Assuming you understand the basics of getting started on Pinterest, let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals to successful marketing on Pinterest.

One of the best articles to come to our attention is undoubtedly this one from Phil Stone in his article Pinterest Marketing- 3 Pinterest Marketing Strategies. Phil declares that the three primary Pinterest Marketing Strategies are:

1. Repin
2. Make Comments
3. Follow others

This is because manually promoting your Pinterest account requires you to connect and interact with other Pinterest users. Let’s take a closer look at Phil’s article:

Any repin on Pinterest will give you opportunities to drive traffic. On Pinterest when you repin another’s pinned picture, they get notified via email. Hopefully they will follow the links to your account and see where you pinned their picture, giving you an opportunity to have them look through your boards. The obvious need here is to have boards that interest your new visitor to the point that they consider following your links to the site you are promoting.

Making comments is a great Pinterest marketing strategy that can drive traffic too. When you hold your cursor over a pinned picture you see the “comment” tab, the “repin” tab, and the “like” tab. When you make a comment is stays with the picture, so whatever you say has the potential to catch peoples’ attention and drive traffic- so say something thoughtful. You might even consider some kind of “call to action” if it’s appropriate. In addition, Pinterest will notify the person who pinned the picture that a comment has been made and give them a link to respond to your comment, again giving you a chance to drive traffic.

When you follow others on Pinterest you definitely will have the potential for driving more traffic. Each person you follow gets an email notifying them that you are following them and either says that they are already following you, or gives them a link to allow them to go to your account and follow you. So each person you follow is an opportunity to connect with someone new and drive traffic to your promoted sites and pages. Full Article

Phil has not included “liking” as one of his Pinterest Marketing strategies but don’t underestimate it’s value as your “likes” will usually be reciprocated, especially if you use it imaginatively with brand leaders and others who are active in your chosen field(s).

Do avoid excessive self promotion. Pinterest’s early popularity is partly due to it being largely devoid of spam and excessive use of automation tools so if you indulge in those strategies, you may well find it counter-productive. As with other Social Media Networks, never start by thrusting your opportunity, product for sale, or paid service you offer. Saturation use of your own publicity and products will be extremely offputting and will probably turn any followers you acquire away in droves. Do use those materials but mix them in with a variety of other images and photos to make a board interesting and appealing in its own right. If you offer value first you can then build a relationship based on trust, which might then develop into an opportunity to directly solicit your contacts.

If you’ve yet to become active on Pinterest you really are missing out on a great source of quality free traffic and a host of potential contacts and traffic. Do feel free to connect with me on Pinterest, I usually follow back. Also do send me your questions and/or comments if you want to discuss Pinterest Marketing further.


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