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Mobile Marketing via SmartPhone

We’re on the verge of a new trend which is going to blow email marketing out of the water.

It’s mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing is for any business, on-line and/or off-line, looking for more sales and wanting ways to market more effectively. Right now smart business owners and entrepreneurs are using mobile marketing to:

– Build meaningful relationships with their buyers to get more sales

– Get instant attention like never before – even better than in the golden days of email

– And get their website perfected for people on smartphones – which is more and more every day

There are 5 times more cell phone users than people who own a PC or laptop. Further, up to 98% of texts are opened immediately. This compares to email, where a 10% open rate would be regarded as exceptional. Most people usually have 1 mobile phone address (or at most 2, if they keep a separate one for work or business use) as opposed to 6 or more e-mail addresses, some set aside purely to mop up spam after taking up an offer sent via e-mail.

Mobile is much more immediate. Text messages on average are opened within 98 seconds – e-mails average 98 minutes before being opened.

There are 4 billion active mobile phones in the world – 27% (1.08 billion) are Smartphones; 75% (3.05 billion are SMS enabled). Mobile is estimated to take over from desktops by 2014 as the primary platform used for internet access!

Any business choosing to not go into mobile marketing is choosing to be left behind! Rest assured, if you’re not using mobile marketing, your competitors will be.

Here’s an everyday simple example of mobile marketing:

A restaurant owner sends out a text message to all his customers announcing a special seafood night. And if they bring a friend they’d get their second meal for half price.

Not only that, he suggests they post it on Twitter and Facebook and turn it into a party.

Within 2 hours the restaurant is packed, and lots of them are brand new customers that they collected mobile numbers from too.

This is but one example of exactly how easy it is to quickly create more leads, customers and sales by tapping into the obsession people have with their smartphones.

Instead of a restaurant, it could be a hairdresser, a driving school, a car repair business, a yoga instructor, a gym, a keep-fit instructor, a weight loss class, any retailer or service……. the list is endless.

Mobile Is Immediate

– 95% of all Smartphone users have searched for local information

– a third of all searches for a local business are now made on a mobile device

– 60 per cent of users call a business or visit that location after searching for it

– 70 per cent of these people take action within one hour of their search

– 44% of cell phone users are willing to pay for a transaction by using their smartphone.

– 61% of consumers believe that smartphone payments will overtake credit card payments – transactions paid for via mobile are forecast to reach $1 trillion by 2015.

The tools required to get started with mobile marketing are surprisingly few:

– A mobile optimized website (so that the website fits neatly into a smartphone – many websites will do so automatically, but not every website will, so it’s essential to check this first)

– A database of customer names & their smartphone numbers (just the same as having a database of email customers)

If you’ve got that, you have all the tools you need to start mobile marketing campaigns, sending out carefully crafted offers just like the one by the restaurant owner outlined above. It’s simple and it’s cost effective, far more so than using old fashioned methods such as taking out a newspaper or local radio advert.

Mobile Advertising

Spending on mobile advertising is starting to rocket. The Wall Street Journal reported that mobile ad spending in just the first half of 2013 hit an estimated $3 billion, more than double the $1.2 billion of 2012. Mobile is no longer an experiment for the large corporations. If you want to make any investment in this field count, you’ll need to write a good ad, suitable for mobile. There will be less visual room and the ad will need to be responsive to a touch user’s interface. Space will demand that the use of words is efficient.

Mobile is becoming an increasingly important area for startups, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Make sure you do your homework, spend efficiently, and enable a prospect’s response to deliver what they’re looking for.

If you’d like to go into this in more detail, just send me a message via and we can arrange to talk further about it.

This is also a great tool to add to your range of services if you’re involved in local digital marketing for offline businesses!


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