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Stand Out – Get Great Contacts – Get More Business

Do you have the LinkedIn profile to stand out from the crowd?

You’ll find me on LinkedIn’s first page for ultra competitive terms such as “Business Entrepreneur”, “Business Expert”, “Internet Entrepreneur” and “LinkedIn Professional” despite these categories having hundreds of thousands or even over a million people listed for them. Think how that would boost your chances of finding great business contacts to do business with or being “headhunted” to land the job of your dreams! Contact me now if you’d like me to help you.

My methods have worked for my businesses, often with almost instant results, and can help your business wherever in the world that you are based, or how big or small your business is. Why waste time working it all out for yourself or even giving up because you haven’t got the results you hoped for when I have the tools and experience to help you now?

Most people have no idea how to use Social Media to catapult their business growth or their careers. If you want help in solving your Social Media marketing problems or talk you through the obstacles preventing you getting enough business leads or if you’re looking to be “headhunted” for a potentially lucrative career development opportunity then contact me now.

If I don’t have the answer myself, I’ll tell you but I also have a vast network of experts to contact or refer you to for further help.

As a LinkedIn Profile Specialist I can create an awesome LinkedIn Profile for you so that you can attract business partners & contacts, B2B customers, employers, recruiters and any other professional who wants to connect with you on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn Profile should highlight your business skills and use keywords relevant to you so that when LinkedIn’s 500+ million members are actively searching for you, they will find you and want to do business with you. A small investment in doing this properly could change your professional career for ever.

If your LinkedIn Profile is being ignored or nobody is connecting with you on LinkedIn, then contact me now.

If you are baffled why other people get great LinkedIn connections to network with, great customers to do business with or get “headhunted” for great career opportunities because of their LinkedIn Profiles, I can solve this for you!

I can solve this by making the essential alterations to your LinkedIn Profile so that it gets seen by the right people (and plenty of them) and when they see it, they want to connect with you and even want to do business with you.

LinkedIn is very “SEO rich” for Google searches, with very powerful search engine attributes that could get you and your business on the first page of search engines for your professional services, boosting your opportunities to both find your ideal client and stand out from the crowd!

LinkedIn is also a search engine in it’s own right. With LinkedIn you will want searches to be for the things that you have to offer. 4.2 billion searches take place on LinkedIn every year! In 99.48% of them you will come nowhere unless your LinkedIn Profile is fit for purpose. Done properly you should show up on 25,550 targeted searches for your chosen titles.

Contact me if you wish me to take a look at your LinkedIn Profile and point out what, if anything, you need to change. If you’d like me to carry out the changes for you I’m ready to do that too.

You’ll find my profile here:

I’ll also direct you to the most strategically important groups on LinkedIn, membership of which will rapidly accelerate your own network of valued LinkedIn contacts.

Use my contacts as a LinkedIn “Superconnector” to introduce you to my many thousands of valued LinkedIn connections. I have over 20 million 1st & 2nd level connections on LinkedIn.

My own ranking for such highly competitive terms as “Business Founder” on LinkedIn Search has ranked as high as 11 out of over 1.3 Million then listed worldwide and 25 out of over 732,000 listed worldwide for “Business Entrepreneur”, though of course that will vary according to who your own LinkedIn connections are and where you are geographically based. I’ve also ranked number 1 for “LinkedIn Profile Consultant” when 21,167 members were listed for that term amongst my contacts. Even now I still rank number 1 for “LinkedIn Profile Specialist” out of 85,017 results listed worldwide for that term amongst my connections.

Why is LinkedIn so important for connecting with people?

* LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter
* LinkedIn gets over 53 million US visitors every month
* The biggest education demographic on LinkedIn is people who went to graduate school
* The biggest income demographic on LinkedIn is people who make $150,000+ per year

These are people you definitely want to build business relationships with!

LinkedIn is great for networking with fellow business professionals and making valued new connections

A great LinkedIn profile which stands out could transform your prospects of landing an interview for the job of your dreams

LinkedIn is one of the first places anyone you want to do business with, or who receives a job application from you, will go to and check you out.

If you’re thinking to yourself “I’ve had a LinkedIn profile for years and nothing’s ever come of it”, just having a profile on LinkedIn is a little bit like owning a bike. It’s not going to get you anywhere, unless you know how to ride it and actually use it.

Have Your LinkedIn Profile & Your Business Found By Your Potential Customers & Business Partners:

With over 500+ million members, and still rising, if you are an expert of any kind, a professional, an entrepreneur or business person, or have aspirations to be one, you need to be on LinkedIn and to be using it properly.

The average LinkedIn member earns over $100,000 per year. It’s definitely the place to have an effective presence, but just having an account won’t get you found or help you to attract the right clients and partners or draw the right business opportunities.

The secret to success on LinkedIn is designing a compelling and powerful profile which speaks directly to your ideal client – but unfortunately this is where most people immediately get it wrong with some easily avoidable mistakes. They just write a boring resume or use words which are counter productive. They then wonder why their LinkedIn profile never works effectively for them.

If you have joined LinkedIn to get found, either as an individual seeking employment or for a change of career, or as a business that wants more customers or a business professional wanting to network with potential partners in JVs etc, then look no further for your own professional LinkedIn Profile Consultant.


Joel Helfer, Northbrook, Illinois, USA:

Patrick Clarke has been extremely helpful in offering me advice on how to improve my LinkedIn profile. He has vast knowledge and expertise of LinkedIn. I highly recommend that you contact Patrick Clarke when you need LinkedIn advice, guidance, and support

Chery Schmidt, Wausau, Wisconsin, USA:

If you are struggling with filling out your Social Media Profiles to get ranked ( Especially here in LinkedIn) I highly recommend you get in touch with Profile Consultant & Social Media Business Professional Patrick Clarke.

With just a few easy adjustments with in days he has helped me optimize my profile “”Ranking #1″”

Out of over 116,000 Success Coaches listed worldwide on LinkedIn, Chery was listed 34 in Wisconsin and not at all in LinkedIn searches for either the USA or worldwide. Within 7 days, she was ranked no.1 worldwide and of course, no.1 for Wisconsin and the USA. She’s also now ranked 2nd out of 124,000 Internet Entrepreneurs listed on LinkedIn when searching for Internet Entrepreneurs.

Daniel Tennyson, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:

Patrick Clarke is very knowledgeable about how to develop a LinkedIn Profile and how you can get the most benefit from using it properly and get some great connections to network with

You can view these recommendations, and others, by visiting my LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn – PJJ Clarke

My LinkedIn Profile Consultant service will create or update your LinkedIn profile for just $147 or the equivalent in your own currency. You will be provided with a selection of new Headlines of your choice, a revised Summary, and at least five specific recommendations of ways you can improve your visibility with prospective employers or clients. Just complete a questionnaire that will be sent to you so that your strengths and the terms you wish to be found for, can be highlighted.

Your new LinkedIn profile will be up and running within days and you’ll quickly see the results – more views, more search results, and hopefully more contacts!

Linkedin has a filtering system to where you can connect and find the exact people you are searching for (or be found by them – real life recruiters use it to connect and hire the people they want, eg. “headhunt” them. Think of what you want to be found for, there’s no guarantee but at least you’ve a platform to be found on.

✔ Let Me Do The Work: No need to waste your time and money on LinkedIn Webinars, LinkedIn Books, LinkedIn Training or LinkedIn Videos – unless you want to!

✔ Would you like to receive a 10 per cent discount on completing your LinkedIn Profile application? Simply send us a referral and if that person goes ahead and completes a LinkedIn Profile application too (notifying who their referral source is), you will be given back 10 per cent, less PayPal fees, of your payment when that referral’s payment and application has been processed!


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