How Video Marketing Can Help Your Business (An Interview With Gabriel Valo)

January 11, 20121 Comment

Have you considered accelerating the reach of your business by using video marketing?

Even the most camera-shy person can have a beautiful and powerful sales and marketing video for their business, without busting their budget. Not only can you have beautiful and powerful sales and marketing videos for your business, you should have them or else you are wasting the quickest and most effective way to promote your business. Don’t take my word for it, take that of Gabriel Valo, one of the World’s most passionate advocates of video marketing. Gabriel is based in Singapore and has built a big name for himself when it comes to video marketing, particularly but not exclusively, in Australia. You can listen to my interview with Gabriel in full by clicking the icon below:

Alternatively you may wish to listen to the interview in three edited sections for much quicker downloads (please allow just over 30 seconds for each download):

My Video Marketing Interview With Gabriel Valo – Part 1
My Video Marketing Interview With Gabriel Valo – Part 2
My Video Marketing Interview With Gabriel Valo – Part 3

So what’s your take on video marketing? Have you considered giving it a try. Maybe you already use video marketing. Do share your experiences, either positive or negative, by responding in the Comments box below. In the meantime, Gabriel is offering a FREE consultation offer for the first 100 respondents to contact him after listening to the audio.

If you want to take advantage of Gabriel’s great FREE consultation offer for the first 100 respondents you can contact him now via his business address: He’ll be delighted to hear from you!

Any other business owners seeking an interview with me are very welcome to contact me via one of my social media platforms accessible from this page.


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  1. Niktar says:

    The article I visit and study here is nice and innovative. How video marketing can help a man even a shy one is sure to success in his career is described here nicely!

    Another issue your invitation of sharing video marketing experience is actually good effort, I think. Congratulations for such awesome article.

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