How To Use Twitter For Business If You’re A Local Entrepreneur

October 9, 20150 Comments

Tips On How To Use Twitter For Business If You’re A Local Entrepreneur

Have you worked out how to use Twitter for business if you’re a local entrepreneur yet?

If not, you can get 16 great free tips in a recent free report by Social Quant, a business which enables companies to maximize their website traffic and relevant follower reach from social media initiatives on Twitter.

16 Tips On How To Use Twitter For Business If You're A Local Entrepreneur

These are all easy to implement tips that will quickly arrange your Twitter profile in a way that will enable your business to get those extra results, including more revenue and more business, if that’s what you want it to achieve.

The first step is the biography part, which should be used as a concise summary of what your business has to offer. This needs to be followed by your profile picture. Remember that people relate far more to seeing a person than an image. If you have staff, perhaps stand with a few of them outside your office, shop or factory door and look welcoming.

Your corporate or brand image could come next on your your cover banner. Try to include contact details such as your website, telephone number and email address. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you and contact you.

To get the full 16 tips, plus further information if you want to work more closely with Social Quant, please see


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