How To Invest Your Time Like Money by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

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How To Invest Your Time Like Money by Elizabeth Grace Saunders

How To Invest Your Time Like Money by Elizabeth Grace Saunders. Click Here For Ordering Details & A Free Look Inside The Book

How To Invest Your Time Like Money by Elizabeth Grace Saunders was published on February 15th, 2015 and gives a concise and practical guide to breaking out of the time trap that holds back so many would be entrepreneurs. Elizabeth Grace Saunders is the founder & CEO of Real Life E®, a time coaching and training company. This book looks at an easily overlooked problem for new entrepreneurs. Lack of available time is a road block potentially every bit as formidable as lack of available finance.

The answer is not simply to work longer and longer until every available moment is taken or to do everything yourself so things barely move forward. Time needs to be budgeted for and invested every bit as properly as money is. This book sets out to teach how to not only identify what is important, but also how to identify (and fix) those habits and ways of thinking which would otherwise compromise decision making and how to spend your time.

Steps are outlined how to regain and keep control of available time, commit to a trusted system that suits you and avoid the trap of perfectionism. Anyone feeling overwhelmed through trying to do too much by themselves, or finding themselves bombarded to try all sorts of additional extras, would do well to take a step back and implement the measures outlined in this book to regain control of their commitments.

The beauty of the internet is that you can do anything but that doesn’t mean you should do everything. Saying no nicely to something which isn’t essential or doesn’t move your business forward is a necessary asset. There are plenty of people out there with their own agenda. The volume of spam any email address or contact details posted on attracts is an obvious example of that.

If you go to Amazon, there’s a chance to read the opening pages of the book and find out what it is about so that you never find yourself saying £there aren’t enogh hours in the day”.

Click Here For Ordering Details & Read More Reviews On Amazon

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