How To Improve Your Own Working Environment

June 4, 20130 Comments

As a professional person in the modern climate, it’s only right that you should try and make sure your employers treat you responsibly. There are a number of ways that you can improve your working environment for yourself, although it’s sensible to remember that getting ahead in the world of work is about maintaining good relations with other people.

This goes for your supervisors and managers as well as your immediate colleagues. The transparent, honest and approachable you are the better your relationships are likely to be. This is the first step towards a more positive working environment.

Working relationships

It’s important to negotiate distance in the first place. You need to ingratiate yourself with the team and the best way to do that is to make yourself approachable and to use break times and lunch hours to strike up conversations and learn about the people you share the office with. This deepens the connection you have with the people who actually have a say in how much you enjoy working in a given post. Of course, maintaining professionalism is important, but taking the opportunity to connect is not at odds with this.

Your behaviour and performance

It goes without saying that you will be treated as a more valuable employee if your behaviour is exemplary at all times and your performance shows signs of continual improvement.

Training and development

Show an interest in training and development. The fact is that the more responsibilities you take on, the more opportunities you are likely to be dealt and this is great for your career. Turning these opportunities down in favour of an easy life may work for a spell, but it is generally the surest route to becoming dissatisfied with your working environment because you get stuck in a rut. Show interest in promotions that may be available to you.

Look after your interests

It’s not just about keeping people on board. Sometimes you have to think about your own interests above and beyond anyone else’s. For instance, you have to fight your corner if you feel you are being taken advantage of. It’s important to try and secure the pay rise that you feel you are entitled to and to ask about the things that would make your life easier – more flexibility, better office furniture and accessories, more responsibility and so on.

Seek legal advice

There are certainly times in your professional career when you feel you need legal advice in order to know where you stand with relation to the circumstances you find yourself in. You want your employers to treat you properly but how can you be sure that is the case without a bit of professional guidance? This is particularly prevalent if there are factors like illness, childcare, emotional issues and other sensitive matters involved.

A good sign that your employers are interested in your wellbeing is if they offer you the opportunity to seek legal support – then you know they really do care that matters are resolved in the proper manner, even if they aren’t resolved in your favour.

Amanda Hardman offers her team members employee assistance from a professional legal team to demonstrate she has their wellbeing in mind and to keep all procedures above board.


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Amanda Hardman offers her team members employee assistance from a professional legal team to demonstrate she has their well-being in mind and to keep all procedures above board.

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