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Do you use Facebook Notes as part of your marketing and information strategy? If not, you are missing out on a great tool to assist your business or organisation.

Facebook Notes is an app available to all Facebook account holders and is available for use on each of your pages, though it has to be added each time you open a new page. That can be done in a matter of seconds via that page’s “Edit page” option and then clicking “apps”.

If you wish to do so, you can tag your friends too in Facebook Notes, and they can leave their own comments. The Notes application page displays notes recently written by your friends, notes in which your friends have been tagged, and links to your own notes.

Once Facebook Notes is loaded you will have a tool to use for posting any information or updates you wish available for immediate use. Once posted it will instantly go live on Facebook and the internet. It will appear on your page’s Wall with a link to the note.

Wall postings are restricted to 420 words but there is no such restriction on Facebook Notes, so you have much more flexibility over the length and content of what you post. Further, HTML links can be used on Facebook Notes so that both text and banner links can be created and used. If done properly, your banners will blend in neatly with Facebook’s own advertisements without affecting the professional appearance of the page. In effect, you have a Facebook hosted blog available for your immediate use, together with your affiliate links if you wish to use them.

Facebook Notes can also be viewed directly by visitors clicking the page link without the necessity of the visitor logging into Facebook themselves. The beauty of this is that each Facebook Note can be co-ordinated with your Twitter account. As is well known, Twitter postings are limited to 140 characters. There are numerous tools to get round this but isn’t the simplest one to post your tweet with a direct link to a Facebook Note. If you have thousands of Twitter followers to update, you can then choose the amount of information and graphics that you want to provide without any artificial restriction imposed by Twitter or Facebook.

Co-ordinating Twitter postings and Facebook Notes in this way is also a great way to link up these two Social Media giants, enabling account holders to broaden their base of contacts in both platforms and thus project themselves with more prominence across the internet.


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  1. Martin says:

    Hey Patrick Clarke

    Really a great post, very informative.


  2. George Fisher says:

    I’m a big fan of social networking, but to be honest in my opinion facebook has kind of run its course, i know the numbers are still growing but to me it’s getting a bit tedious, it was great to begin with but now it causes more trouble than anything else.

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