Entrepreneur Revolution

May 5, 20130 Comments

Entrepreneur Revolution

This week saw the official launch of Daniel Priestley’s new book “Entrepreneur Revolution” published by Capstone. His last book “Become A Key Person of Influence” was number 1 on Amazon for business books and became a best-seller. This one is also a brilliant read!

Already the book is #1 in Amazon for all business books and #28 across all categories!

It’s one of the best books on Entrepreneurship in a very long time. Many of Daniel Priestley’s groundbreaking entrepreneurial ideas are contained in this book.

There’s another reason to buy it now. Imagine for a moment a world where the chart-topping book on Amazon wasn’t:
• a dieting book
• a book about 50 shades of naughtiness
• a book about 15 minute meals
• a book about wizards, vampires or oversexed teenagers who who fall in love with wizards and vampires.

Imagine a world where the number 1 book was about Entrepreneurship! That alone must be worth a tenner to see.

As one of the reviews on Amazon itself says: “Some books just cant be put down, they are few and far between agreed, but let me tell you, this is one of them” – Amanda Kennedy

At the very least you should read the free preview available just by clicking the graphic above!


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