Enhance Social Engagement For Your Website

May 28, 20140 Comments

How To Enhance Social Engagement For Your Website / Blog

Enhance Social Engagement For Your Website / Blog

How is your website / blog coming on?

Have you got all the relevant Like Buttons, Comments, Shares etc, so that as soon as you publish content, you can distribute it to the Socially connected world?

This article, recently posted on Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine, takes you through the basic but essential elements needed to enhance social engagement for your website:

#1: Start with Social Share Buttons

The easier your site is to share, the more likely your visitors are to share it. Whether you want shares for a blog, an ecommerce product or a conversion landing page (such as an ebook download or a contest), code in prominent sharing options.

#2: Build From the Blog Up

If you have a business website, you likely have a blog. A great business blog can become the social foundation of your website.

#3: Integrate Social Actions in Contests

A photo contest creates visual appeal and visuals dominate socially shared content.

#4: Stream Social Feeds

Cross-promote social sites on your website to generate more social followers and website viewers.

You can stream a Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest feed on your site.

#5: Use Social Sign-in

Social sign-ins streamline a website registration process, making it very easy for people to share their social information with you in exchange for your website offer.

When a member signs up with their preferred social site, it makes it simple for them to share your site pages.

#6: Capitalize on Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing doesn’t have to be overly complicated. You’re basically just asking your site visitors for their opinions or input and then acting on them. It’s a brilliant method of both engaging your market and making your website interactive.

Reasons of space only permit a basic outline of these steps to be covered here. For the full article by Krista Bunskoek and more details of how to implement these measures to enhance social engagement for your website you need to go to Social Media Examiner

Do Social Plugins and what you should and shouldn’t have on your website / blog leave you cold, overwhelmed or confused?

Please leave a comment below. Tell me your #1 tip on how to enhance social engagement for your website or your top question about it.


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