Creative Virtual Networking Tips

October 12, 20200 Comments

In any normal circumstance, networking is hard. Speaking self-praises, asking for favors, or simply having a conversation with a senior member of your company can be a challenge. Now, taking into account that all of our communication is remote, the feat of networking seems monstrous. What if your Wi-Fi is slow? What if your audio doesn’t work? What if your video quality is blurry? What if one of these embarrassing Zoom bloopers happens to you mid-meeting?!

Creative Virtual Networking Tips

Don’t worry, networking doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it’s essential for your career development and improves your chances of finding a job if you’re on the hunt for one. So, put to rest all of those nagging what-ifs, and read through these tips and tricks for acing your next virtual meeting. And if you don’t have your next virtual networking meeting lined up just yet, the guide will show you how to have a calendar full of networking events to advance your career!

Creative Virtual Networking Tips


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