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Organizational Stress

May 11, 20160 Comments

How To Survive Organizational Stress

In the most basic sense of the word, stress is simply how our bodies respond to changes emotionally, mentally, and physically. No matter where we are and what our daily schedule looks like, stress impacts each of us every day.

However, if you find that your workplace fills you and your coworkers with more stress than you can manage with little hope of resolution, your workplace might be suffering what is called organizational stress.

In environments with lots of organizational stress, employees are more likely to have higher medical expenses, call in sick, or even quit. According to research on employee stress (illustrated in the infographic below), these associated costs can cost American businesses as much as $300 billion each year.

While stress can often feel like a personal issue, it is a manager’s responsibility to understand the symptoms of organizational stress and assist employees in managing obstacles that can result in unnecessary stress.

You can find some examples of these management strategies, along with more information about how organizational stress can impact us, in the infographic below produced for Pepperdine University’s Online MBA Program.

Surviving Organizational Stress


The Psychology Of Different Office Spaces

November 20, 20150 Comments

Offices were originally designed with simpler needs in mind, such as available space and proper ventilation. But today, offices are constantly being redesigned to inspire happier, more motivated employees.

While it may seem more difficult to measure to the cost of unhappy employees than it is to count square yardage of an office space, studies estimate that the cost of unhappy employees takes a toll of more than half a billion dollars on the U.S. economy every year. To an employer, that means higher turnover, more sick days, and less productivity.

From cubicles to open-floor plans and beyond, the infographic below illustrates how employers are adapting their offices to meet the needs of employees today.

The Psychology Of Different Office Spaces

As employees grow to expect more freedom and greater satisfaction from their workplaces, what changes have you noticed in yours? What changes have you seen (or made) in your work environment that inspired employees? Leave a comment with your experiences below.


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