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3 Tips For Facilitating An Office Move With Minimum Downtime

July 16, 20130 Comments

If you decide that you need more space to accommodate your growing business, you have to start thing of moving offices. When it is time to move offices, you need to look for ways to ensure that the move is conveniently effected and it does not affect your operations too much.

Whether you are moving down the block, or to a different town or state, there are things that you can do to ensure minimum interruption of your business. Through the use of technology, work can go on right in the middle of the move. Following are some tips to ensure a smooth move.

1. Plan in advance

You need to start planning the move early enough to ensure that you make the transition with ease. You need to know in advance how and where to set up the equipment and where the Ethernet connections will be wired. The move will entail moving your wireless network or local area network, as well as your computers, printers and other equipment.

Early planning will help you to manage the shipping costs, and you also get adequate time to install the technology in the new office. Moving over the weekend can be very convenient as you can do all the troubleshooting you need without interruptions.

2. Upgrading the equipment

A move is a great excuse to upgrade your office equipment. If you have been using old bulky equipment, this is a good time to think about getting new equipment. Think of it as making a fresh start in your new office. There is a wide range of new equipment in the market and you can take advantage of the occasion to make your business more efficient. Get rid of all the outdated hardware and software so that you can start business in the new office in a better position. You can sell or donate your old equipment before you move.

3. Utilize computer programs

Make sure that you use computer programs effectively to help you in the move. Save all your files in readiness for the migration and use the best software to ensure that you can make the transition to the new equipment and location without losing any data. This will help to ensure that you can start work immediately you get to the new location. There are programs that will help you to move the e-mail and other data that you want to keep so that you can transfer them to your new computers.

Even though you do not encounter any issues or delays, it is a good idea to anticipate them. This will help to ensure that you are prepared if anything happens. Moving can be quite unpredictable and it is not unusual to experience unexpected expenses or issues with clients.

Make sure that you keep your clients informed about the move and use laptops to ensure that you are still in operation. With proper planning and use of technology, you can make your move as painless as possible, and you can be productive while you are at it!

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Today’s featured writer, Thomas Philip is an ardent blogger, during his time off from work, he enjoys writing on a variety of topics that interest him.


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