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The Best Length For Tweets, Facebook Posts & YouTube Videos

October 25, 20140 Comments

What Is The Best Length For Tweets, Facebook Posts & YouTube Videos?

Branding and advertising experts generally know the most engaging length of a billboard headline, a print copy or a TV advert. But do they know the best length for tweets, Facebook posts and YouTube videos? Do they know the ideal length of a domain name?

The following infographic by Tim Nudd, which recently appeared in Adweek, seeks to give the definitive answer to these important questions based on recent research he has undertaken:

The Ideal Length Of A Tweet, A Facebook Post & A YouTube Video

Even though it’s much more challenging to keep a tweet to between 71 & 100 characters, it will certainly make it much easier for anyone wishing to retweet it or add a comment of their own. Just because you can say more doesn’t mean to say you need to use them for the optimum response.

Let me know whether you agree or have a different approach. Relevant comments are always welcomed.


Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula

July 13, 20140 Comments

Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker

Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker

Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams by Jeff Walker. Click Here For Ordering Details & A Free Look Inside The Book

“Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams” by Jeff Walker is his #1 New York Times Bestseller. It takes you through his proven formula:

“deliver huge value, build a loyal tribe, then put together a launch sequence that makes a great offer”

Jeff Walker has become one of the top entrepreneurial and marketing trainers in the world. But it didn’t start out that way…

He started his first online business as a stay-at-home dad taking care of two small children. The “business” was launched from the baby’s changing room – and it started with a free email newsletter sent to 19 people. That was in the Internet Dark Ages of 1996. Since then he has been behind many hugely successful online launches, generating over a half BILLION dollars in results for his students and clients.

“Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula” is Jeff Walker’s “treasure map” into that world, taking you through his methods and how it’s done.

From 113 customer reviews as of July 13th, no less than 94 of them are already giving his book a five star review! (Click Here To Check Them Out For Yourself)

If you’re still unconvinced, have a listen to Jeff Walker’s own account of how and why he’s written this book. On top of which, follow his link under the Youtube video, where you can get some great extras from him including three live webcasts where you are taken through his entire Product Launch Formula (Product Launch Formula has generated over a half BILLION dollars in results for his students and clients). He assures me these webcasts will be 100% content with no further sales pitches.

That’s one hell of a deal, especially considering the live training sessions will probably be something like 2 hours each. Six hours of live training from Jeff Walker for $7 (or like $10 if you get the “physical” version).

Comments and questions, as ever, are very welcome.


Success 2014: Keys to Success in Every Area of Your Life

June 25, 20140 Comments

5th July 2014 ExCel London

The Pursuit Of Wealth & Happiness

Coming to the ExCel London on 5th July 2014, Les Brown, Duncan Bannatyne, Chris Gardner and many other speakers share their personal strategies for success and show you how to get results in business now and in the future. They head a team of world-class achievers delivering diverse yet complimentary systems for success.

You cannot rely on old methods to meet the new challenges of today. You need to know what’s cutting it in business right now and what’s going to work in the future. The best way to prepare yourself for tomorrow’s business challenges? Learn the progressive success systems from those who are proving that they work at the very highest level.

The quickest way to become successful is to spend time with those that already are. Success 2014 brings together some of the most prominent leaders in their field in the world today, those who are dedicated to creating and sharing the most cutting-edge systems for success.

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner is the author of the book, “The Pursuit of Happyness,” a New York Times and Washington Post #1 bestseller based on his life story. A series of adverse circumstances in the early 1980’s left Gardner homeless in San Francisco and the sole guardian of his toddler son. Unwilling to give up on his dreams of success, he climbed to the top of the financial industry ladder from the very bottom. It is the inspiration behind the acclaimed movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Now, his aim is to help others achieve their full potential through his speaking engagements and media projects.

Duncan Bannatyne

Duncan Bannatyne

A poverty-stricken childhood steeled Duncan Bannatyne’s drive to make his fortune from an early age. After his naval career, which included a spell in military prison, Duncan drifted from job to job ending up in Jersey. It was here that Duncan made the decision to turn his life around.

He began his entrepreneurial life by trading in cars, but it was with an ice cream van purchased for £450 that changed the course of his life. With ‘Duncan’s Super Ices’, he set out to become the king of the 99 and eventually sold the business for £28,000, founding a nursing home business instead.

He sold his nursing home business for £46 million in 1996. Duncan quickly diversified into the fitness market and, just over a decade later, now operates Bannatyne’s Health Clubs, the largest independent chain in the UK. His Bannatyne Group also has interests in hotels, bars and a chain of luxury spas.

Duncan holds an OBE and was has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from Glasgow Caledonian University for services to business and charity. He also launched the Bannatyne Charitable Trust, which supports worthwhile causes.

A Dragon in the Den since the first series and now in its 11th series. Duncan has 6 children and 2 grandchildren.

Les Brown

Les Brown

Les Brown is one of the world’s most renowned and highly sought after motivational speakers. In elementary school Les was mistakenly declared, “Educably mentally retarded.” However, his tenacity and belief in his ability unleashed a course of amazing achievements from sanitation worker to broadcast station manager to state representative in Ohio. His life and message, that with proper guidance and training anyone can begin achieving the things they desire now, is a true testament to that belief.

For the full programme and to get your tickets whilst they are still available, just go to

Success 2014: Keys to Success in Every Area of Your Life


The LinkedIn Code

May 30, 20141 Comment

Discover How to Crack the LinkedIn Code

How to Crack the LinkedIn Code

The LinkedIn Code: Unlock the largest online business social network to get leads, prospects & clients for B2B, professional services and sales & marketing pros.
Click Here To Order Now

LinkedIn is not just another social network, it’s a powerful business-building tool to attract more leads and clients. In fact, this lead generating GOLD MINE is over 277% more effective for lead generation than any other social media platform, including Facebook and Twitter!

If you’re in business, you NEED to be on LinkedIn. But you need to do it RIGHT – or you’ll spin your wheels and waste more time than it’s worth. The LinkedIn Code cuts right to the chase, providing you with all the tools you need to navigate the often confusing landscape of LinkedIn, so you can unlock the rich rewards it can bring to your business.

In The LinkedIn Code, award-winning social media expert Melonie Dodaro shows you how to:

  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile that is client-focused and speaks to your ideal prospects and clients
  • Get your profile to show up at the TOP of the LinkedIn search results, so prospects find YOU and not your competitors
  • Understand LinkedIn etiquette and best practices, so you can build relationships and avoid doing anything to damage your credibility
  • Generate leads using proven social selling techniques with a step-by-step lead generation plan that you can implement daily for maximum results in minimum time

The LinkedIn Code reveals the very same system developed and practiced by author Melonie Dodaro, who receives more than 70% of her leads from LinkedIn. The LinkedIn Code is your key to cracking the secret of using LinkedIn for true business success.

If LinkedIn confuses you, feel free to ask a question via the comments box below. Maybe you’ve got your own #1 tip on how to use LinkedIn. If you have, I’d love to here about that too!

Don’t forget, LinkedIn is one of my specialities and if you want any help, I’d love to give it. You only have to ask!


What It Takes To Get A Job At Google

May 13, 20140 Comments

How hard is it to land a job at Google? They have a reputation for having one of the toughest application processes, and with two million applicants each year to choose from, there’s no shortage of hopefuls. Check this infographic from and see for yourself what it takes to get a job at Google:

What Does It Take to Get a Job at Google? by – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent


LinkedIn Now Has 300 Million Users

April 24, 20140 Comments

LinkedIn now has 300 million users. Check out this infographic for more information on how LinkedIn has reached this new milestone which was recently published in leading digital marketing blog Econsultancy

LinkedIn Now Has 300 Million Users

Are you active on LinkedIn? Is your LinkedIn profile delivering the results you want? Join our growing list of contacts who’ve been getting listed on the first page of LinkedIn searches for their chosen professional titles.


How To Get Out Of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business

April 20, 20140 Comments

How To Get Out Of Startup Mode And Grow Your Business

One of the biggest mistakes an aspiring entrepreneur can make is to stay in a startup mentality for far too long. It’s imperative to identify how to get out of startup mode and grow your business, otherwise you are killing the opportunity to achieve real growth and progress.

A great article on this very subject by Grant Cardone, an international sales expert, New York Times best-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone was recently published in Entrepreneur Magazine Here is a summary of his key tips:

1. Delegate. When you’re in startup phase, you are handling everything. To become a going concern you have to start investing in people to do tasks you can no longer do.

2. Pick your battles. Don’t get wrapped up for a week deciding on a logo when it ultimately doesn’t matter. Your brand will evolve as your business evolves.

3. Get attention. The single biggest problem every startup has is becoming known. Your most important task is to get attention for you and your company. It’s the gateway to every dollar you raise.

4. Change your pitch. Instead of saying “I own a small web design company,” say “I own a web design company like none other that guarantees your company increased sales.”

5. Create urgency. If you start a business venture without setting specific timelines for action and achievements, you will be stuck forever with excuses.

Click Here To Read The Full Article

Grant Cardone has successfully founded three thriving companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group so he can certainly speaks with “hands-on” on the subject of how to get out of startup mode and grow your own business.

If you’ve struggled to get your business out of startup mode, I hope each of these easily implemented tips proves useful. Do use the comments box if you have any questions, observations or relevant insights of your own to make. It’s always great to hear from our readers.


Amazon: Now Serving 137 Million People Every Week

April 18, 20140 Comments

In 1994, Jeff Bezos set up from a tiny garage in Washington…

What happened next? Check out this cool infographic from

Amazon now serves 137 million people a week


Building Your LinkedIn Profile

April 16, 20140 Comments
building your LinkedIn profile

8 Steps to consolidating your team’s LinkedIn presence with your business development goals by building your LinkedIn Profile. Click Here To Read More

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to generate new business, but only if you know how to use it.

For smart marketers, mastering their organisation’s presence on social media is key to increasing overall market interest and business development.

You’ve got to know where it counts, and on LinkedIn, the gold standard of professional online networking, it becomes imperative to optimise your professional profile in order to effectively broadcast your proposition to your connections.

My good friend and valued LinkedIn connection Tim Bond has put together an essential list of 8 ways you can dramatically strengthen your LinkedIn personal profile, helping you to boost your search ranking on LinkedIn and give people a clear idea of who you and your organisation are – an indispensable tool for any successful business development strategy

To get them you need to go to the following post on

Your comments and questions about the article are very welcome in our comments box below.


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