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How to Be a Successful Serial Side Hustler

April 27, 20200 Comments

Serial Side Hustler

Side hustling is a popular alternative to traditional work or an addition to a full-time job. Today, millions of Americans work within the gig economy, whether through freelance work, service jobs, app-based options, or online.

Many side hustlers enjoy the upsides of this kind of work such as the potential for financial gain, pursuing one’s passions, setting their own schedule and workload, and learning valuable new skills. Side hustling can be the perfect option for many, for example those with important responsibilities such as child or elder care who have some free time to earn extra money or those who need or want to travel while maintaining an income. The flexibility of the gig economy grants many people who would not otherwise be able to work the ability to earn an income while doing something they enjoy.

For those who do pursue a side hustle, the benefits can be endless once they find their niche and prove themselves a valuable asset to clients or an employer. Many go from a simple side hustle to starting their own business, or being able to pursue an activity they love while only having to work a few hours a week. For others, being able to pursue a lifelong dream and benefiting from it financially is success enough.

However, success doesn’t come immediately, and many gig workers face significant challenges when first entering this competitive field, especially when they’re trying to managing multiple gigs as a serial side hustler. Issues such as time management and lack of downtime can be a serious concern for many, while burnout and subsequent decreased performance at a day job or other side hustles can be a significant problem for others.

Thus, when deciding to pursue one or more side hustles, consider your freedoms and constraints in terms of time and energy, how a new gig could impact your current work situation, and how you will benefit from side hustling while also being able to enjoy it. While side gigs may sound fun, they have to positively contribute to your life rather than taking away from it.

To learn about whether the serial side hustler life is for you, and for tips and tricks for those working multiple jobs, take a look at the visual below.

The Serial Side Hustler


When Not to Listen to Your Customer

January 23, 20190 Comments

To state the blindly obvious, a business would be nothing without its loyal customers. However, more important is how you interact with your customers and manage their experience.

Customer feedback can indicate what’s working and what’s not in your business. While listening to the customer is helpful when it comes to fixing what’s broken or improving your current products, there are scenarios it’s helpful to move forward. If you get stuck in this cycle, it’s possible you are impeding your company growth or missing out on unique and surprising opportunities. Especially, as a business owner or entrepreneur looking to grow your business or innovate.

While listening to your customer is key, keep in mind a different perspective. Valpak provides situations and tips on when not to listen to your customer in the infographic below. Consider these inspiring examples and even customer types you’ll face in your journey.



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