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Jacob Florence, the author of today’s guest post, works for Independent Artists, an Australian comedy management and production agency. He likes to write articles related to business and finance in his spare time.

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Looking For Corporate Entertainment With A Twist? Here Are Some Ideas!

July 6, 20130 Comments

There are plenty of times when, as a business, you need to give your staff or customers a good time. Perhaps you are planning a staff Christmas party, or maybe you need to entertain a bunch of customers who have come to see you en masse – either way you’ll need to put on a show. Many companies hire function rooms in hotels and these are a great place to host. You’ll need top quality catering of course, and somebody will need to be in charge of project managing the whole event. One thing you shouldn’t scrimp on is top quality entertainment. The right performers will put a smile on people’s faces, meaning they will leave with fond memories of the event. Here are some great ideas for unforgettable entertainment:

A Ceilidh Band

Ceilidhs, or barn dances, are growing in popularity (although they have been around for hundreds of years). Originating in Ireland, the premise is that a band turns up with a ‘caller’ who talks all the party guests through some simple dances. The consequences can be hilarious – it’s not about getting it right so much, it’s more about everybody having a laugh together, getting it wrong! The band will play folk music while the caller tries to organise the chaos. Tell people to come wearing flat shoes as they will need them for dancing. Who knows, perhaps one of your guests may discover they have a hidden talent?!

A Comedian

Comedians are a great way to get everyone howling with laughter – as long as you choose a good one! Make sure you get one on recommendation, and it helps if you have seen them before so you know they are funny. Beware though that their jokes are suitable to the audience – a good comedian will temper their act to suit the people. They will be able to provide a sideways look at the key issues of the day, as well as make people laugh with observations and comment. Everyone loves a good laugh – particularly after a serious event, so get them rolling in the aisles with a top funny man or woman!

A Function Band

Music is a great idea at any party, but make sure you find a covers band that is geared up to do corporate events. Many function bands turn up and put on a real show – with a brass section and backing singers too. They should bring their own PA and lights so that you can just sit back and enjoy. They will need early access to the venue in order to sound-check. Once they fire up in the evening, everyone will love dancing the night away. Choose a band that do requests too – this is a sure fire way to keep your guests happy.

It’s worth setting aside a large chunk of the budget for your entertainment. Cheap acts just won’t cut the mustard – you need people who are seasoned professionals to help make your event go with a swing. Whoever you choose, make sure they provide an act that will stick in your guests’ minds for years to come!

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Jacob Florence, the author of today’s guest post, works for Independent Artists, an Australian comedy management and production agency. He likes to write articles related to business and finance in his spare time.


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