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Jack Matis, is a teacher at, a well-established training center in the USA that provides SAP MM training. He enjoys cycling and trekking in his spare time.

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If Your Business Is Growing, Is Your Payroll Software Keeping Up

July 6, 20130 Comments

Often when a business grows, it tends to outgrow its payroll software. Companies generally start out with a basic program that suits their start-up needs, but once things pick up, it is very common for the software to become too basic for the needs. If your company is in this position then it’s very important to consider which type of payroll software to upgrade to. This means thinking very carefully about which features you need it to have (for example wages, company bonuses, and deductions such as tax and pension contributions).

A good type of payroll software will enable you to run reports on pretty much anything you need to know, and it will also be useful for auditing and managing costs. It should also be able to incorporate personnel files and be maintained by your HR (Human Resources) department. It should be completely failsafe too – not paying your staff on time because of a glitch is not an option.

What to Look For in Your New Software

Your new software should have electronic filing built in so that you can keep all your records in one place. This means no more bulky personnel files, and it also helps maintain employee confidentiality as only authorised people can access the information. You’ll need to be sure that the payroll software is up to date with current legislation and that it offers a swift and easy system of deducting tax. It needs to be supported really well too – there will be problems from time to time but you cannot afford to be without it. This means that top-quality support should be accessible at all times, both to assist staff in using the software, and to fix glitches if and when they occur.

How Will It Add Value to My Business?

If you have a state of the art payroll system, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money. Staff can process wage payments in a fraction of the time, and this means they will be free to carry out other tasks. You may even find you can reduce the amount of employees you have to handing payroll.

How Should I Choose The Right Package For Me?

You may well feel out of your depth when scouring the internet looking at different types of payroll software that’s available. If this is the case, then an IT expert with a specialism in business finance will be able to help you. It’s definitely worth consulting an expert because they will have far more knowledge than you in the area. If you choose the wrong package through lack of experience, it will cost you dearly in the long run as it will just need replacing. The expert can also talk you through how to use it, and how to get the best value from it in terms of financial reporting.

The world of payroll software is a complicated one, but armed with the right information, a sensible budget and an expert to help out, you will be able to find the right one for you.

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The author of this post, Jack Matis, is a teacher at, a well-established training center in the USA that provides SAP MM training. He enjoys cycling and trekking in his spare time.


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