6 Wall Street Secrets For Excelling At Job Interviews

March 30, 20131 Comment

The whole point of a job interview is to allow candidates to put their best foot forward and impress the suits on the other side of the desk. The company wants to make sure they aren’t taking any chances when hiring you. Similarly, you shouldn’t be taking any chances when appearing for an interview. Wall Street is pretty much the toughest place to land an interview. With very little separating candidates on merit, it is often the face-to-face interaction that helps a job seeker make their mark. Here are 6 ways to excel at a job interview, as shared by the hiring executives at various Wall Street firms.

Dress for success

The first thing that an interviewer sees when you walk into the room is your attire. If anything about your dress sense or grooming screams shabby, you have probably failed the interview even before you take a seat. Dressing smartly does not mean wearing an Armani suit to the interview; if you could afford one, why would you need a job interview? It is the effort you put into looking and dressing smart that counts.

Do your research

Do your research about the company before going for the interview. Interlace facts you have learnt about the company with the answers that you give. It helps the interviewer recognize that you have an active interest the company and have put in the effort to learn about it.

Clean up your online life

The internet is a cruel mistress. One second it is helping you connect with friends, the net it is costing you a job. You’d have to be pretty naïve to think that employers won’t be Googling you before sitting you down for an interview. Clean up your online presence by untagging yourself from unsavoury pictures and deleting all those tweets in which you have dropped f-bombs.

Indulge in some role-play

No, not role-playing with the interviewer. That sort of thing is frowned upon. Rather, role-play an interview process with a friend or family member acting as the interviewer. A few practice runs help calm your nerves and prepares you for when you actually have to meet an interviewer face-to-face.

Don’t be a tool. Show your personality

The biggest mistake people make at interviews is to appear stone-faced. They believe they are behaving in a professional manner by appearing cold. However, it has quite the opposite effect. Companies like to hire employees with personalities, not tools. Just act natural and let your personality show. Tone it down if you think it would be appropriate, but a complete lack of personality is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Put a positive spin on your accomplishments

At some point in the interview process, the talk will inevitably lead to any accomplishments you have listed on your CV. Do not downplay your achievements. Give a positive spin and take full credit for them. Failing to put a positive spin on your accomplishments will strike interviewers as lack of confidence on your own belief.

Follow these 6 simple, yet highly effective, tips and you will find yourself waltzing towards the desk at your new job.

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Brad Cooper is the owner of in-fusion.com.au, a well known recruitment agency in Melbourne. He believes that succeeding in a job interview depends on many factors and has listed some of them for our readers in today’s post.


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