5 Simple Ways To Reduce Office Expenses

June 25, 20130 Comments

A tough economy has made people and companies realize that office expenses need to be cut if a company is to use its capital more effectively. Here are 5 simple ways to reduce office expenses.

Good for the environment is also good for your office

It is amazing how much money you can save by making the office more eco-friendly. Most companies shy away from the idea since it costs money to make an office eco-friendly. However, they fail to realize that it is not a cost, but an investment. One of the best ways to reduce overhead costs is by cutting utility bills. And that is exactly what an eco-friendly office can provide – better heating and cooling resulting in lower utility bills. The cost of making an office eco-friendly is recovered in no time, not to mention a lot of the money spent can be claimed back as a tax deduction.

When it comes to marketing, think outside the box

It is undeniable that marketing expenses often take up a massive chunk of every company’s budget. If you stick to traditional marketing techniques, do not expect to see a fall in expenses. However, thinking outside the box, in terms of marketing, can help you come up with unique and novel marketing strategies that are a far cry from the traditional methods. For example, social media marketing requires little manpower and the expense levels are incredibly low. Despite the low levels of investment, he results of social media marketing are staggeringly better than those achieved by traditional marketing formats.

Ditch the landline for a trusted VOIP service

Two monthly expenses that every office has to deal with are the phone bill and the internet bill. Wouldn’t it be much better if you could simply combine the two? If your office hasn’t switch to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service yet, it is losing out big time. Not only does a VOIP service make use of your existing internet connection, thus eliminating the need for a landline, it is also cheaper to use, especially for long-distance and international calls.

Interns want to work for you. So let them.

A very common mistake is to assume that your office doesn’t need interns. Just because you are struggling to come up with ideas does not mean that your office cannot accommodate interns. There are plenty of duties around the office that do not need full-time staff. These tasks can easily be delegated to interns, who work for a fraction of what you would have to pay a full-time employee. With the number of jobs available failing to keep up with the number of students graduating every year, there is no lack of eager interns waiting in line to be hired.

Retail is passé; shop for office supplies online.

Whenever the office is running low on supplies, the usual protocol is to go to or call a retail store and stock up on necessary office supplies.  However, the smart money is on buying office supplies online. You can get all sorts of office supplies online, including printer ink and toner cartridges. The potential savings by shopping online are well worth spending a few minutes in front of the computer.

Follow these 5 simple steps and you will see a noticeable drop in office expenses.

This article is submitted by James Hanning. He used to work in a leading computer software company but gave up his job to follow creative urges. He is now a fulltime writer and blogger. He writes tech and software related articles.


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James Hanning used to work in a leading computer software company but gave up his job to follow creative urges. He is now a full-time writer and blogger. He writes tech and software related articles.

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