3 Ways To Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

April 6, 20130 Comments

Growth is critical for the survival of any business. However, not every small business has the resource to grow and compete with the big boys. In reality, your business doesn’t actually have to grow in size; it just needs to appear bigger. You will be surprised to find out how many “big” businesses are a lot smaller than they appear. However, their larger-than-life appearance helps them become a force to reckon with. The key to making your small business look big is to appear more professional. If your business can put up a professional front, clients and customers are more likely to take it seriously. Here are simple ways to make your business more professional.

Build an impressive website

Every business, no matter how big or small, has an online presence. For most small businesses, this means getting a website designed for cheap and putting it online so that people are aware of the existence of the business. For a more professional look, you will need a much better website. A website is like a calling card; people get to know everything they need to know about a business from its website. Your business cannot hope to give off a professional appearance, if the website looks like it was built by an amateur in his or her spare time (which it probably was). Put up a professional website, with an appropriate domain name, and make sure it is updated regularly.

Offer multiple contact options that work

If you ever need to contact a small business, what usually happens is one of these two things. First, you manage to get hold of a contact number which is usually impossible to memorize. When you do call the number, chances are you are going to get someone’s mobile phone and they might be too busy to talk. The second thing you can do is to send an email to the email-id you found on their website; you know the ones you never ever get a reply back from. None of these options say “professional” in any way whatsoever. Get a toll-free number that redirects to a phone that will always get answered and is solely there for business purposes. Offer an email-id, or even better a contact form, and make sure that people are sent replies as quickly as possible.

Invest in work uniforms

Based upon the nature of your small business, getting work uniforms might be a prudent investment. If the UPS guy came around your house in causal clothing instead of his UPS uniform, you wouldn’t think of UPS as a very professional organization, would you? For small businesses, like florists, cafes, and salons, having employees in work uniforms lends a certain sense of professionalism. Research has shown that small businesses that adopted work uniforms had employees who are a lot more motivated than their casual clothing counterparts.

The 3 tips mentioned here are not only effective, but also highly practical and easy on the pocket if you do your research right.

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