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Building Your Email List With Facebook Offers

February 28, 20140 Comments

How To Build Your Email List With Facebook Offers

Building your email list with Facebook Offers is a key element for any serious marketer with a Facebook Page. The reasons speak for themselves; you have control of your email list and have full control over who to post to and when to do so. If you want your Facebook “fans” to see your posts then you have to keep paying Facebook for that privilege as a quick check of your Facebook Page stats will show that most unpaid posts will only reach a minuscule number of followers, no matter how engaging and informative those posts are. In addition, you are also dependent on all the vagaries of future policy changes by Facebook.

Not making the conversion of Facebook fans to email subscribers the top priority for your Facebook Page therefore leaves you naked. It also fails to put to the test how much those fans are committed to your products and services. Many of them will be little more than transcient followers with a casual interest in your Page. That’s not intended as a criticism of them, it’s just the reality.

People liking a Facebook page are often doing no more than that. Hardly any interaction takes place after that “Like” icon has been clicked. They’ve just done it as they assume your Page posts will automatically pop up on their news feed and don’t realise only a very small proportion of those posts actually show up there. They might like to be associated with your brand or share an interest in your pursuit but they have very little interest in engaging with you. As Facebook is a multi-platform brand, users are spending their time there doing a variety of things. Looking at your business page regularly will usually be well down their list of reasons for being on Facebook.

Marketers therefore face three critical marketing challenges on Facebook:

1) Converting Facebook fans into sales leads;
2) Getting more of those fans seeing posts in their newsfeed;
3) Spreading the net by getting more followers to keep the process expanding.

The most effective way of doing this is creating an offer and an article which recently came to my attention on this is “How to Build Your Email List with Facebook Offers” by Denise Wakeman, an online marketing strategist and founder of The Blog Squad

She created create an offer (which is considered an ad) on Facebook without having to pay for it. Here’s her video on how she did this:

She reports the following results for her offer:

The offer has been shared 12 times
101 people have claimed the offer
4 comments on the offer

13,848 saw the post in the newsfeed
51 people actually opted in to get the free tips in the first 5 days the offer was live
50% conversion from offer claims to eCourse optins
32 new Likes on my Page

While these numbers may not be earth shattering, they do bear mention because my experiment has introduced 51 new people into my world. Over time, some of these new people may become customers…….

The full article with all the technical details appears here:

If you want to ask any questions on the subject of building your email list with Facebook offers or want to share your observations and experiences of doing so, then feel free to make use of the Comments Box below. We’re always pleased to publish comments provided they are relevant to the subject in question.


Is Your Company Moving Premises? Here’s How to Manage It

February 26, 20140 Comments

As your business grows and expands, you may well find that you outgrow the premises that you currently inhabit. Sooner or later it will be time to start thinking about either expanding your existing premises or relocating to a bigger site. Relocation is the best decision for your business if you need more space and it will help you make more money and be even more efficient in the long run. However, relocation is also chaotic and disruptive and it needs to be managed very carefully in order to make sure that it has minimal impact on your long term success. In this article we are going to tell you how to go about your relocation in the best possible way – read on to find out more.

Find the Premises

Your first job is to find your new premises, and this means making a list of all of the things that you simply cannot compromise on. Have a separate list for things that you would like if at all possible and bear all of these things in mind when viewing new premises. Organize site visits of any premises that look appealing and take a couple of your senior management with you to get a clear idea of whether it could be right for you. Take plenty of pictures and make notes along the way, and then organize a meeting with your management afterwards to discuss the pros and cons of each one. When you have found one that you are all happy with then it is time to instruct your solicitors and get the ball moving.



Your Old Premises

It may be that you are keeping your old premises on in order to have two bases, but if not then you will need to think about what to do with the old premises. Most of the time the site is leased so it is just a matter of terminating the contract, but this can come with complications so it’s best to speak to your legal team about how best to do this.


Plan the Move

The move itself will take careful planning if you want it to cause the minimum amount of disruption to your business. Have a task team that are in charge of plotting every detail, and employ the services of a removals company and also a machinery moving service so that you have all the professionals booked a long time before the move itself. Make sure that the business can still operate in the interim by relocating the office first – that way the paperwork and legalities can still be worked on as the bigger items are being moved.

Moving to bigger premises is a very exciting step in your business’s progress and it is vital that it is managed in the best possible way. It will feel slightly chaotic for a while but once you are settled you will find that productivity and staff morale go through the roof. Then it’s time to start thinking about the next big step that you want to take!


Author Bio

This post is authored by Jenny Wadlow, who is a freelance writer and works with a host of clients from various industries. She is currently working with Halbert Brothers Inc. and is helping them reach out to online audiences via blogging.


Google Author Rank and Authorship

February 26, 20141 Comment

The Benefits For You And Your Business Of Google Author Rank And Authorship

The Benefits for You and Your Business of Google Author Rank and Authorship

As this infographic, appearing courtesy of illustrates, the key points are:

1) AuthorRank allows Google to remember the authority and credibility you have built as an author.

2) Engagement on Google+ (the number of circles, shares, pluses and comments) may impact your AuthorRank.

3) Google Authorship can increase click-through rates by 30% – 150%

The full accompanying article to this infographic can be seen by visiting

Don’t forget to use our Comments Box below if you have any questions or want to share your wisdom and experiences regarding the benefits, or otherwise, of Google Author Rank and Authorship.


How To Get Business From LinkedIn

February 21, 20140 Comments

19 Steps To Social Selling On LinkedIn

How To Get Business From LinkedIn

Think of “Social Selling” and you’ll probably think of all those terrible spammy tweets and Facebook status updates churned out by serial spammers on social media networks but done properly, “Social Selling” is perfectly possible. Let’s look at how to get business from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has already proven to be at least 277% more effective for lead generation than Twitter or Facebook (as reported in a study commissioned by Hubspot in 2012, plus its well known that LinkedIn members have a higher disposable income than members of other leading Social Media Networks and to be more highly educated and more likely to be decision makers in their professional lives.

This infographic which recently was published on, titled 19 steps to social selling on LinkedIn, gives an excellent breakdown of how to get business from LinkedIn.

19 Steps To Social Selling On LinkedIn

For the in-depth text version of this infographic, simply visit

If you’re still not active on LinkedIn, you’re missing out on the most effective lead generation Social Media platform. If you want to change that now, there’s more information on my LinkedIn Profile Service Page

Feel free to post your comments or questions about this article in the comments box. I’d be pleased to have your opinion or to help you in any way I can.


How To Double Your LinkedIn Connections

February 6, 20140 Comments

If you want to know how to double your LinkedIn connections, this recent infographic published by WhoIsHostingThis shows a way to do just that, taking just 5 minutes per day. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can build momentum and gain authority for your skills by consistently following these directions.

Double Your LinkedIn Connections

There’s also an informative article to accompany the infographic which you can read in WhoIsHostingThis.

More than that though, start implementing these guidelines in how to double your LinkedIn connections and feel welcome to share your progress as you do so, by telling everyone about it by posting in our comments section.


The Benefits Of Blogging

February 5, 20140 Comments

If you’re in any doubts about the benefits of blogging then check out these stats:

The Benefits Of Blogging

These stats are a very convincing argument that if you’re not blogging, then you should be, and if you are blogging, then you should probably be blogging even more! This is the case whether your business is “business to customer” orientated or “business to business”.

Every time that you write a blog post, you are adding another “asset” to your inventory of marketing content. The search engines will then add that page to their index which will increase your chances of having your website appear in the top search engine listings when someone is searching for the services and products that you provide.

The full article about the benefits of blogging and the above infographic come from Don Crowther’s article: The Benefits Of Blogging – Hard Number Evidence He is a widely respected social media marketing and online marketing expert, helping companies ranging from Fortune-500-level giants to entrepreneurs make more money online using proven social media and search marketing techniques. Use the link above to read the full article.


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